Firebird Red Turnlock Bowler and Bordeaux Zip Clutch Pics!

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  1. The Bordeaux Zip Clutch is divine! Impeccably constructed, and in a beautiful color, this wallet will be my go-to wallet for work. I love everything about the wallet except that the two pushlocks on the front are not the most convenient to get in and out of, but they sure are beautiful!

    And, on the other side of the Marc Jacobs spectrum, here are pics of the MBMJ turnlock bowler. I lO:huh::huh:ve the color, it is the perfect red. I cant believe I was actually able to snag this bag after so many months of searching! The only thing I am not happy with is that it looks and feels kind of wrinkly. I wish there were botox for bags, so I could use i and smooth out the wrinkles!

    Anyhoo, feast your eyes on these!
  2. ugh the bordeaux clutch is beautiful. im in love with that color. and your bowler is great too. i beg to differ, i think the wrinkles look great. it doesnt make the bag look so stiff. im trying to break in my blake - its taking forever!! congrats though :biggrin:
  3. beautiful! i like the wrinkles on the bowler. it makes the leather look thick and sumptuous, which on the bowler, it is. my turnlock bowler is wrinkly too and i think it gives it character. anyway, i love the firebird color. i hope a similar color is released soon for the mbmj line.
  4. Absolutely lovely. Congrats!!
  5. Both are beautiful!
  6. absolutely gorgeous! i have to admit i'm quite a bit jealous :-X
  7. I really like the color of the Bowler and that borbeaux ZC is just gorgeous.
  8. love your zip clutch i have one in the same color, congrats