Fire Truck Hits, Kills Handicapped Woman

  1. This scared the carp outta me. My power chair is supposed to be ready in a week or so.

    Fire Truck Hits, Kills Handicapped Woman

    32-Year SAFD Veteran Didn't See Victim

    POSTED: 5:38 pm CST January 1, 2008
    UPDATED: 12:05 am CST January 2, 2008


    SAN ANTONIO -- A 32-year veteran of the San Antonio Fire Department is being kept from driving after he struck and killed a wheelchair-bound woman Monday evening.
    Diane Rosenbaum was riding her motorized wheelchair after leaving a nearby pharmacy when she crossed paths with the departing fire vehicle.
    The firefighter, whom fire officials have not identified, was behind the wheel of a brush truck headed to a grass fire from station No. 44 on Horal Drive on the city’s west side.
    The driver reportedly stopped at a Wells Fargo Bank parking lot at the intersection of Marbach Road and Horal to ask for directions from his dispatcher. When he departed, Rosenbaum was struck and briefly dragged.
    The firefighter originally thought he had debris lodged under his vehicle, but reportedly didn’t see anything until he noticed sparks coming from underneath the truck near Highway 90 and Loop 410.
    When he stopped to check the vehicle, he found an empty wheelchair under the vehicle. When he returned to the scene after hearing a dispatch call go out for the victim, investigators said, he found the victim lying in the street.
    The driver of the fire truck is unlikely to face any charges, a police investigator said, but witnesses and the driver of the truck were taken to police headquarters for further questioning.
    “There’s absolutely no probable cause or reason to believe this firefighter was intoxicated in any way, again, just an accident,” San Antonio Police Sgt. Gabe Trevino said.
    SAFD District Chief Randy Jenkins said the incident is under investigation.
  2. so, is he going to be charged for this? thats BS that he may not get charged I feel bad for that poor woman's family..
  3. that's so sad!!!
    i too wonder if he will be charged?!?
  4. Ugh. It's awful. Since he wasn't drinking or intoxicated in any way it was an accident and I don't think he should be charged but I definately feel for the woman and her family. :crybaby:
  5. Oh wow. How sad. I doubt he will be charged, it sounds like an unfortunate accident:sad:.

    My question is, did he have the sirens on(probably not since he stopped for directions)? Did she go out in front of the truck accidentally?

    Im kind of confused as to what exactly happened and who was exactly at fault. Its like, if a kid darts out in front of you in a parking lot and you accidentally run him over, are you the one that is at fault?

    Dont get me wrong, it is very, very sad, and I feel horrible for the womans family.
  6. I think she must of been his his blind spot or something because he probably would of noticed her if he hit something in front of him.

    My uncle is a paramedic & not long ago a drunk man ran out in front of his (or his coworker, I'm not sure which) ambulance & he was saying to us that if that man died (he was fine btw, not even injured) the two paramedics in the ambulance at the time both would of been fired & maybe charged :/ but I have no idea how it works if it happened to a regular person.

    But poor woman! RIP. :sad:
  7. What a terrible terrible accident.
  8. I didnt even think about the woman being behind the truck and him backing up, or being beside the truck and him turning and her getting caught under the truck. I jumped to conclusions and thought she went out in front of the truck and he ran her over(which, I guess still could have happened). Speedy, if you find out anything else about this story, please post.
  9. Apparently, she was right in front of the truck. Thing is, he knew he'd hit SOMETHING. He felt the bump of the chair but only stopped when he saw sparks.

    And no, he's not going to be charged at all.

    I have a friend who uses a motorized chair too... she got hit in the crosswalk by a police car, head on. SHE got cited because they "claim" she tried to cross against the light. (At a corner that is notorious for changing before anyone can get across.) Broke her knee, an arm and of course ruined her chair. Since she can't use a manual chair, (she's got severe Cerebral Palsy) now she's stuck unless someone takes her out.

    I don't know about this truck, but the ones here have mirrors that enable the driver to see blind spots like this.
  10. Holy ****. Thats just, incomprehensible. I cant believe it:cursing:, they always protect their own and it pisses me off to no end. If it were a civilian that hit your friend, they would have went to jail(at least here in Vegas they would have). Im glad your friend is OK, it could have been much worse, I really hope she gets a new chair soon:sad:.

    I would assume all firetrucks have mirrors that would eliminate blind spots, and also, in my SO's truck, when the truck is in reverse, there is a sound that goes off if someone/something is too close to the bumper, I would assume the firetrucks have those also.

    Anyway, this guy really should have stopped when he realized he had hit something, but I do think this incident was a true accident. Its very unfortunate and sad that the lady lost her life:sad:.
  11. this doesnt sound right at all. when the trucks are on there way to an emergency...dont they usually have their sirens on? and were they just pulling out the station? because if they were, there are usualy other fire fighters who guide traffic and pedestrians.

    again, were the sirens on?
  12. This is just horrible.
  13. That's so sad ;-;
    i wonder if he will get charged?
  14. From everything I could find, it wasn't an emergency he was responding to, although they say it was a brush fire. Says he stopped at a Wells Fargo to get directions, and check why he saw sparks. (If he stopped to get directions, it couldn't have been that emergent, eh?) He admitted to feeling as "bump" when he hit the woman, but didn't stop then to check. When he found the chair stuck under his truck, he then went and backtracked, and found the woman's body.

    Thank you QueenOfDa, I hope she gets her new chair too. It's been over a year, and she's on SSDI and can't afford to buy a new one. Because of her birth defects, she's also very short (about 4-8) and the chair has to be special made. She only has some control over one hand, so using a manual chair is out of the question. On nice days, seeing her zip around town was a common sight! Now I keep contact with her by email, or I'll run into her and her husband in town, he's pushing her. Boy, talk about courage and making the best of everything. Someday I should write about her. She makes me look like a wimp!

    I'll tell her of your well-wishes.

    I'm wondering now if the woman's family is going to try a civil suit for wrongful death. I hope they do. This isn't the first case like this. One I read last year was about a big-rig hitting and carrying a teenager with MS for over 30 miles attached to his front grill. Luckily the young man was strapped in his chair and managed to stay calm until the police managed to get teh rig stopped.
  15. This is a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the victims family....

    The one thing that keeps popping into my head is and hasn't been mentioned.....I think most of the time people driving vehicles don't expect to see a motorized chair riding along with traffic. My point being we don't see it everyday so it's not something we look for, so to speak. I have been surprised myself by people on bicycles a time or two because you just don't see bikes riding with traffic much anymore these days.

    Having said that, this story has changed that for me, it's taught me to be even more cognizant of my surroundings. I will be aware now more than ever, I would never want to be the one being talked about in a story like this.

    I have to believe the firefighter is distraught and devastated knowing his negligence took a human life in such a tragic way.