Fire In My Classroom Today!

  1. I am a teacher and there was an electrical fire in my classroom today. It was with our lights on the ceiling. One light went out, then the next, then flames were shooting out of the wire casing between the lights.

    I immediately went for my Denim Carly, got all the kids out, and called the office in that order. I was like no way is my purse going to burn or smell like smoke!

    They came and sprayed my room with the electrical extinguisher.

    Woah that was a close one. And to later find out today that I have one of only a few medium denim Carly's. Thank God she's not hurt!

    LOL! :roflmfao:
  2. oooh... i woulda been so scared.
  3. Yikes!!! Glad no one was hurt! And YAY for saving the Carly! I would have done the same thing. LOL :yes:
  4. wow, i wouldve ran to save my carly too...and then turned around and thought, oh there are kids here too.

    good insticts and glad to hear everyone is ok.
    ((((((((((((((ha ha ha )))))))))))))))))))
  6. LOL... :roflmfao:

    That's so funny that it went in this order, 1) Save the Carly, 2) Get the kids out...

    Not that I blame you for priorities!!
  7. 1) Save the Carly
    2) Get the kids out


    Yep, priorities look just fine to me! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Seriously! LOL :p
  8. im gonna pee in my pants with laughter!
  9. ...or the kids, right? Lol.
  10. That was hilarious HA. Glad everyone is okay.
  11. That is so funny!!!

    I'm a teacher too and last year this big a$$ bird flew into my room and started crashing around (literallly, outta control) near the table where I was sitting and working with kids - I flew outta that room faster than the bird flew in, pushing kids outta the way - ha!! The kids were actually laughing at me cuz I looked like a ding-dong.

    But seriously, I was in an earthquake with kids (the big Seattle one) and I was calm and protective - seriously.

    Glad everything was okay - man if my classroom burned down, that would suck - there's a lot of investment in there! I'll have to tell my colleagues this story!!! They're Coach luvers too!
  12. It was so funny...that that's immediately the first thing I thought of....Get the Coach out!
  13. I would have done the same thing grab the purse and get everyone else out , you would be more level headed with the purse safe that way you could help the others better !
  14. Scary! What grade do you teach?
  15. :roflmfao: Yeah, kind of like on the airplane when they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting your child! I'm laughing so hard right now, you don't even know.