Fire Engine Red

  1. I'm trying to find a Fire Engine Red in the work any of you know where I could find it? I called Balenciaga NY and they do not have it in the work but have it in the weekender.
  2. ^^^ OMG! They sold out of all the works already!!! I've only seen the first here in Boston and that's it as far as that color! Good Luck!!!
  3. As far as I know, Barneys ordered the Rouge Vif in the First only (for all stores) ... at least that is what I was told by one of the Barneys S/A's.

    Unfortunately, not all of the Neiman Marcus stores carry Balenciaga ... it depends on whether or not there is another retailer in the area that also carries Balenciaga (for instance, the Boston N/M doesn't carry Balenciaga because Barneys does).
  4. Barneys BH did not have the rouge work today...

    I received a pic from AR of a rouge first, but cannot recall if they have the work...
  5. Yeah - for some strange reason, the stores that currently have the Rouge Vif color ... all they have is the First style! Someone recently told me that Balenciaga did this on purpose, and that the larger styles would ship a little later. Don't know if that's true ... but it sure seems that way given the stock that I've seen in the stores.
  6. I guess they just want to tempt us so we will go crazy when the whole line comes out! ;)

  7. Hahaha,probably! And it'll definitely work too.We'll all be going crazy by the time they release everything...:lol: :roflmfao:
  8. Does anyone know if the rouge vif courier is out yet? I doubt it but if anyone knows anything please share!!!
  9. I'm looking for a rouge vif city (i pre-ordered one but who know when that will arrive) If anyone sees one anywhere please let me know! :flowers:
  10. i went to the usual suspects for bal bags. It seems like no one carries the rouge in the work....good think i ordered mine from ny!
    You may want to try honolulu balenciaga!
  11. Are you near NM SF? Someone posted that they got the Rouge Vif City bags in already. :graucho:
  12. :nuts: I'm soooo stopping by today to take a look then :love: Thanks for sharing!
  13. OOOh! Please post when you get back--I'd love to hear your report on the leather!:heart: (any clandestine photos will be appreciated. LOL! j/k!:P )
  14. If only I knew ....
    I went to Bal Printemps Paris yesterday : they had Rouge Vif in all sizes except City...Somebody knows why the City Rouge Vif is so in late ??