Fire at the Monte Carlo Hotel - Vegas

  1. I don't want to scare anybody. We are very senstive to fires here cause of the MGM & Hilton.
    There's a 3 alarm fire at the Monte Carlo hotel. It looks like it started about 4 floors from the top & spread up up to the roof.
    So if anyone has reservations at that hotel you might want to change them.
  2. I have a close PF friend who is in Vegas right now. I just called her cell and left a message... waiting to hear back-- if I do, I'll post a report if it's ok with her
  3. I am flying to Vegas tonight. :s
  4. Any more news Vegas LL? Anyone else in the area that can report on this?
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  6. CNN is reporting that it is partially contained in one wing now, they are working to contain it in another wing.
  7. CNN just reported that there were welders on the roof of the casino.
  8. oh no I hope they manage to put it out and no one gets hurt.
  9. Yikes! I hope no one is hurt.
  10. Here's the latest up date.
    Fire is out, has been for about an hour.
    They are reporting no injuries.
    There were workers on the roof so they might of accidently started it.
    Hundreds of people seen walking down the strip with suitcases from the MC to the MGM. MGM is trying to relocate people to their other hotels.
    Big Tradeshow (Hunting, gun, & knife) starts Sunday.
    Roo - is Pursegrrl here? I had alot of women on my plane yesterday who were coming here for hockey tournaments this weekend & I thought of her.
  11. Thats a relief that no one got injured or worse.
  12. Wow, I heard about that.
    I was there over the summer and took a lot of pics and we saw Lance Burton there.
    I hope everyone is ok.

  13. YES- she is and she JUST called me. They are not staying at the Monte Carlo but a lot of other women who are there for the tourney are. They had a game this morning and on the way over there they saw a bunch of fire trucks racing by. She said at this point I had more info than her, because they'd been on the ice all morning. She said to tell everyone hi!