Fiorelli Bags

  1. I just noticed how we don't have a thread for Fiorelli....i know their not a designer brand but they have been making bags for quite a while

    So what do you guys think of their bags? Do you own any?

    I personally have the classic coin purse in pink which they have been making/selling for years.......and i recently purchased a dark brown doctors style bag (i'll see if i can upload some pictures later)
  2. 2007 collection




  3. I do not own any, but the Empress is adorable!! do they sell them in stores or only online?

    Is the leather really soft?
  4. Where did you purchase them? I took a look at their website and didn't see where you could purchase them in the states. How is the quality of the leather?
  5. Cute bags, can you buy them in the US?
  6. Very cute!