Fiorelli anyone?

  1. Has anyone heard of fiorelli?

    they have some cute bag designs.

    They have the cutest coin bags without a doubt.

    Some cute trolley bags for travel.

    Um yea :smile:

    Heres the website:
  2. Wow, now I recalled this brand back in my school going days in my home country years ago....they were fairly kitschy looking at that time. Now they looked upmarket but not sure about the workmanship now though. I remembered they weren't very expensive cause they were pvc material and workmanship was bad. I've looked at the website and were kinda being impressed at first but I don't think they are still made of genuine leather though. Frankly they are not of my style and taste, I'll give it a miss.
  3. If I'm not mistaken...I think I've seen this brand at Marshalls from time to time. Like Slip said, I don't think their purses are made of leather either. Their designs are cute and they are fairly cheap but not for me.
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  4. I see these bags in the stores here from time to time, and I think I even had one years ago, that I got as a gift. The ones being sold here are definately not leather. Some of the designs are cute, but I really am not so sure about the quality...