Finland got it's first LV boutique, yay! :)

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  1. I want to share the good news! :smile: I've been so bummed..that we don't have one..but now we do!! :smile: The grande opening was on April 11., but I have not visited the boutique yet.. :love:
  2. Glad to hear that :smile:

    Just visit it and get a little gift for yourself ;)
  3. Oh yes I will! :graucho: I was also bummed here on the forum yesterday, trying to look on ebay for a damier cles..but since there aren't any..and the shipping costs would make the cles cost almost as much as one from the boutique.. I think I'm gonna treat myself with a damier cles :smile: A small item, classic, good 'slow' start to my relationship with the boutique..LOL..:happydance:
  4. Now you have more reasons to shop at LV right???
  5. Well, I have to think about my budget..I am a student.. But in the long run, I think I'm gonna visit the boutique a lot :smile:
  6. YAY!!! pick someone whom you feel at ease with and stay with him/her from now on. best to develop this relationship early so you'll be on his/her VIP list. oh and please post pics of even just the outside if you can. i love seeing how LV boutiques look like all over the world.
  7. happy for u.
  8. Woo! That is good news! Here's to more shopping time! :drinkup:
  9. Oh yay.
  10. I went there this morning, it was my first ever visit to an lv boutique :smile: My previous lv's are all second hand but this time I got myself a brand new damier speedy! I was a good experience, I think the atmospere was really nice and service great.
  11. Nice to hear that! :smile: I don't have time until Friday to visit the boutique.. but great to hear that the service was good! It took quite some to get LV to Finland..considering the boutique in Sweden has been there for..ages..(?)