Finish this letter: Dear Santa...I have been SO GOOD this year

  1. Finish this letter. My apologies if "Santa" is not appropriate for you.:shame: Just delete and fill in what is!

    Dear Santa...I have been SO GOOD this year! I would love if the (H) elves made me a...

  2. Dear Santa...I have NOT been SOO BAD this year! If my trophy husband is still on backorder... I would love if the (H) elves made me a...

    32 cm Navy Box Kelly with GH or a 31 cm Black Box Bolide with RH :love:
  3. Dear Santa/Sugar Daddy/Money Tree/Florida Lottery Execs/Etc.,

    I have been damn good this year! I would love if the (H) elves made me a 32cm HAC, Rouge H or Chocolate, Box, PHW.

    HA! Fat flippin' chance.
  4. LOL!! I have a few friends waiting for that backorder! Oh...

    P.S. Santa, if the diamonds on the birkin are a bit much, I certainly am fine without them!
  5. Dear Santa, if you could find it in your heart to miraculously place a Braise croc kelly 25 GHW, or a Matte croc anthracite Birkin 30 (PHW) in my lap, I would be forever grateful. Love, me.
  6. Dear Santa:

    This may sound funny- but you have already given me the greatest gift which was my grail birkin- so I have another request- please give all my fellow Hermes gal's their grail bags. And you can send me another KARO!! cause I love Karo's.
    PS: Santa I have been a berry, berry good wittle gurl!!:p
  7. You really ARE good! Santa will love you :girlsigh:
  8. dear santa,

    i am not gonna lie. i have been aight this year. quite frankly- i have been so good to myself that rather than ask for another bag or anything i would like you to get me out debt. that way, everything i bought myself this year (and um, last year) would be a gift. i know you're thinking "geez louise, wouldn't you rather have a birkin? it would cost me so much less." and you're right santa, but maybe next year, ok? thanks so much and all my love to the reindeer!

    your friend,

    ps. if you would like to send me the notices that all my debt is paid off in a pretty karo i wouldn't turn it down :smile:
  9. Dear Santa,

    Okay, so maybe I haven't been perfect this year. I mean, come on. Jesus was perfect, but He's a pretty tough act to follow. So what if I hocked a loogie in my ex-fiancee's drink? Or if I dumped bleach on my ex-best friend's black suede shoes last spring after she let her dog chew up my favorite pair of Ferragamos (to "prove a point" to me)? And as far as buying bags last year? Well, I can still count the number I bought on two hands. So what of these little transgressions? I know you won't hold them against me. Because you're awesome. So, I have this dream bag. Actually, it's Megs' Birkin Twin. That's right, PHW, Blue Jean, 30cm Togo Birkin. I mean, that's not too much to ask, is it? Oh, and also, could you hook up my tPF girlfriends who are still waiting for their first H? Because they deserve it. Thanks, homie. You're my boy. Peace to the reindeer.


    (ETA: For your reading pleasure. i didn't really do all that stuff. Well, except buying the bags. And I might have fibbed a little on the number. But they weren't H, so they don't count... right? :hysteric:)
  10. Dear Santa,

    I have been pretty good this year. Do you think you could put a Gold 35 Birkin w/PHW under the tree for me?

    And also, my baby girl (she's still in my womb) asked if you could bring her a Medor watch. She's been really good too. (except for the occasional kicking me in the ribs)

    Oh, and my husband. He's been super good this year too, and he asked if you could bring him a 32 Rouge H Kelly Sellier with PHW.
  11. Dear Santa,
    I have really tried this year! I finally finished college, which I am sure you are glad to see. After my mom almost ruined my wedding, I didn't retaliate like I really wanted to, and then my doggie got really sick and we spent our hard earned savings on her, so now we can't do anything fun until after we get back from Iraq in 2010. I am just glad she is doing okay now, but I 'm still scared that she will relapse and need medication which we will have to scrape by to get.
    I was pretty bad because I wanted all this nice know, expensive jeans and handbags and I held out on buying most of it, but then I thought 'well I deserve something' so I would get it, which probably was the wrong attitude to have. But I'm trying, here.
    I've kinda stopped thinking about anything because I see how good my husband is being, and I should probably try to follow his example. I've forgotten about most of the stuff I want, but there are two things from Coach that I really really would like to have and then I will stop for a little while: a Black leather large Carly and an all brown signature ergo hobo. See? I don't even want the biggest things in the store. Just ones that will hold me over for awhile. I even tried to forget about the little things from Hermes that I have been wanting. I can't ask my family for those things because they don't believe in expensive presents unless they are things like a computer. So, Santa, it is all up to you buddy! But if not, I understand!

    Love, Candace
  12. Dear Santa,
    I have been *reasonably* good this year and would more than anything like you to facilitate the delivery of a 40cm black togo birkin with PH and an etoupe interior by the first half of 2009. Or you could could just cut me a check or send me the bag now to save all that waiting :graucho:
  13. Dear Santa:
    I was bad this year...I admit it:supacool:. Still, I would really like it if you would bring me a violet croc 30cm birkin or maybe a black Constance with Gold hardware as a backup.

  14. Dear Santa,

    I work hard as a work study for minimum wage. I put up with some of the teachers well meaning jokes. I also try to maintain close to a 4.0 average. If a Sugar Daddy (tm) with a Black American Express Card should show up in the next month...I would certainly like a raisin Ostrich Bolide (medium size) with PH. (with complementary twillies/scarves for the handles). ;)


  15. ............I have been BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD, coal for me!