Fingers, sponge, or brush for liquid foundation?

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  1. Most of the make up artists I talk to recommend using your fingers so you don't waste all the foundation, but I find that unsanitary. I've been told by a few others that a brush is best, but I find that it leaves small brush strokes on my face. Currently I apply my liquid foundation with a sponge. I dip the sponge in water first, squeeze out the excess water then apply the foundation. But I've also been told that a sponge "eats up" your foundation.
    I'm totally confused and have no idea what's the best way to apply liquid foundation.
    What do you do? What's the "right" way :confused1:
  2. I use a mineral foundation so I can't help, but am interested in the response as well.
  3. I only use my brushes. I would use my fingers or a sponge if I somehow lost my brush, though (i.e. as a last resort!).

    I use a trish mcevoy foundation brush and have never seen brush marks- can you post a picture of the type of brush you're using? Maybe it's not big enough? Also, if your skin is dry, the foundation you're using might not be a good match, since it's supposed to disappear.
  4. I've read a sponge is best b/c using your fingers is like finger painting a wall. A sponge is supposed to give more even application.

    However I can't get myself to use a sponge. I use my fingers and wash thoroughly a couple times during the process and it works for me. And I'm always worried no matter how much I were to wash a sponge that bacteria would still get trapped deep in it anyway.
  5. Fingertips work best for me; on occassion I'll use a sponge to dab on my fluid foundation but still use my clean, damp fingertips to smooth it over my face. To avoid contamination, pour a tiny, set amount of foundation onto the pad of your hand each time you apply.
  6. I also use mineral powder, i cant wear liquid at all... it make my face feel dirty :confused1: I wish I could wear it tho b.c its beautiful :love:
  7. I always use a brush for my foundation , the sponge waste a lot because it soaks up so much , I only use a sponge to blend the edges around my jaw
  8. Sponge soaks up too much, and I feel like the Brush wastes a lot... so I use my fingers, and touch up with the brush.
  9. Fingers. I think everything else is just useless. Most beauty products and utensils I find aren't even necessary at all whatsoever. They are just created so we THINK we need it when it's just another commodity in the market.
    Sponges and brushes push the foundation into your skin and I don't like that. Also, it's a hassle having to clean it all the time to keep it sanitary. From the treehugger's perspective, it also creates a lot of unnecessary garbage.
  10. How do you apply foundation with you fingers??
  11. I use mineral makeup on myself but when I am doing clients with liquid, I use a foundation brush with downward strokes. If you see faint brush strokes, go back and forth lightly with the brush to eliminate this. I find the brush to give the best coverage with liquid foundation.
  12. Same as you would apply lotion or cream. You spread the foundation equally on your face and blend it in with your fingers.
  13. I use mineral foundation 99% of the time, but when I do use liquid I apply with my fingers.

    I always put on my makeup either after a shower or after washing my face. Either way, my hands are clean. It's not any less sanitary than using a brush. Wet foundation brush=bacteria growth.

    Sponges are probably the most sanitary, but they really do "eat up" the foundation. It's ridiculous.
  14. I use a mac foundation brush 190
  15. I use a brush too but it is tricky and I am clumsy. Now you know why I am a huge fan of spray foundations!