Fingers Crossed - Whiskey Edith

  1. Okay, so I called the NM at Merrick Park in Miami and they only had the medium Chamois. I put myself on the waitlist. Then I called Saks Fifth Avenue in Miami (Dadeland Mall) and the only color they had was chamois as well. However, the sales rep told me that 4 other Saks in the country had the medium whiskey I wanted so she took my credit information and told me that she will call me by the end of the day with a confirmation. I am keeping my fingers crossed! :lol:

    On another note, I got a notice from Paypal that the sheisty Ebay seller who sold me the fake Edith will return my money once she receives the bag. I am to report the shipping/tracking information to them once I have shipped it. I am glad for that to be over with and I will DEF. never think of buying a bag on ebay again! Although I will be selling two of my authentic bags on ebay to pay off the credit card bill of my Chloe!

    I am hoping that the one I get (if it goes through) is scrumply and smooshy! For those of you who received their bag through the mail, did it meet your expectations? Has anyone returned the bag due to it not living up to your expectations?
  2. So glad you found one! I have ordered... 6 total now :angel: and I think I pretty much loved them all. I sent some back obviously but I didn't receive any that I considered duds or Chuckys. I'm certain that a few had already been returned a few times but they were fine.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your money back and all ends well. I'm sure it will.
  3. Thanks Daisy! What is a Chucky? I am assuming that means that they are stiff like the movie character? lol. THat is funny!
  4. Yup, Chucky is a stiff bag! Can't believe there is a NM with a medium Chamois available. Before I got mine from Saks there were none in the NM system to be had.

    I hope your Whiskey order goes through. As far as meeting expectations, both of my Edith bags are gorgeous, and I have no desire to see another one for comparison. With the Paddingtons, I spent SO much money in shipping fees trying to find the best bag in certain colors. Edith seems to be more consistent - most of the PFers who returned their bags did so due to the color, size or function versus the leather texture and quality.
  5. I pre-ordered mine from Ron Herman back in February, and it had a black mark on the handle but it's not that noticeable when I carry it since it's along the top edge. The leather is gorgeous, and the color is amazing! And they gave me a discount because of the black mark!
    Edithoutsideshade.jpg Edith in chair 2.jpg Edith in chair side view.jpg Edith in Chair.jpg
  6. ET - your bag is so pretty! My SA called me back yesterday and told me that she she could not secure me my Edith. 1 store was unwilling to give it up and the other one had no manager on duty until Monday. She will call me back on Monday to let me know if that store is willing to seperate with their Whiskey Edith.

    I was so fustrated because I wanted to call the store that had it and just ask them for it but I didn't want to be rude to my SA. I am tempted to call every store in the
  7. I have had that happen with Paddingtons where another store wouldn't give up a bag for a s/a who was helping me find one. In those cases the s/a never divulged the store location but if she did I would have called on my own. While I understand that you don't want to be rude to your s/a, if you know the store that has Edith you could call today and purchase it. When your s/a calls back tomorrow let her know you had several stores searching for you and one became available. When I'm spending my hard earned money, I tend not to play by the rules when I want something really bad! :biggrin:
  8. Hi Roey,

    Unfort. she didn't disclose the name of the store. I wonder how rude it would be to call back and ask?

    I called another Saks in DC and had them put it on locator as well. I've never done this before....if both stores are locating it for me and both have my card number the one who secures a bag first gets the commission right? It's not like they automatically charge my card without confirming it? Because if that's the case I'd have two bags coming at once!

    thanks for your help. :smile:
  9. If you gave your credit card information then they usually charge your card and call you to confirm the sale. The two s/a's at different Saks stores are working separate from one another so yes, you would get two bags if each finds one and each s/a would get the commission. It might not be a bad idea to end up with two, then you can pick the best one and return the other!

    Hmm, I don't think I'd call back and ask at this point. It sounds like you'll end up with something either way!