fingerprints on amarante

  1. What is everyone's feeling on the vernis amarante. Is it worth the fingerprint problems? I am looking to buy the Sunset Boulevard purse and am debating on the color.
  2. I hate the fingerprints!! They would bug the hell out of me!
  3. I have a sunset blvd and the fingerprints don't bother me.
  4. I have a rosewood and a koala wallet. I have very minimal issues with fingerprints. Perhaps it is because my hands are on the dry side? I don't have issues with sweaty, oily hands and I don't put any lotion on my hands.
  5. I have a brentwood and zippy~ don't bother me :smile:
  6. I have the Sunset Boulevard in beautiful Amarante.
    The fingerprint issue is not a problem for me,
    I really didn't know what all the "hype" was about .....It's not that bad....They're MY fingerprints !!!!!

  7. Thanks so much!!! I think I'll get mine tomorrow!!!!!!
  8. Sorry to be the only one against the amarante but the fingerprints did bother me.
    I had a pochette wallet which I love the style and the color was TDF but everytime I touched it it had marks and was not attractive at all. I was not about to wipe it everytime I took my wallet out of my bag.
    However, on a bag I rhink it would be fine, b/c you are not touching it all the time.
    I ended up with the suhali zippy black wallet-which I absolutely love and is so soft and no maintenance.
  9. I have an amarante cles. Was looking at a wallet but the fingerprints bothered me. I loved the color so bought the cles instead. Not as many fingerprints.
  10. I want atleast one piece!
  11. I had the amarante zippy wallet. I adored the color, but the fingerprints drove me nuts. I'm in the process of exchanging it for a Pomme zippy. I figured the fingerprints would be less obvious. I think Amarante bag would be okay cuz you wouldn't be touching it all the time like a wallet or cles.
  12. I have the Cles and the Pegase and neither really get that many prints on it. I do use the Cles as a bag charm so it doesn't get touched all the time but really, it's not that hard to wipe the prints off, if any.
  13. as they say RED SCREAMS LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME while amarante is mysterious and i've got the amarante sunset blvd and at night you don't notice the fingerprints but it's more obvious during the day so it depends on what you are going to use the bag for mine is an evening bag so i don't care. It's great as a travel wallet too you can fit your documents in it and everything great multi-purpose bag.
  14. i have the french purse and it doesn't bug me at all. I leave them there and wipe it down once in awhile.
  15. i have the pti and it doesn't really bother me.