Fingerless Gloves for Cruise 2009

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  1. What dya'll think of this?

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  2. Hmm I remember a member here posted a picture of these gloves in black. It looked adorable on her. But I don't think I like them anymore after looking at this picture. I'm not crazy about those charms.
    Here's her blog:

    I think I'll stick with Chanel's gloves for now.
  3. Not really my style. I think that someone half my age could probably pull them off though - that would be very early 20's BTW.
  4. I love them. Not really my style but they are hot.
  5. i love them .. will def buy them :biggrin:
  6. I love them and I will totally be getting a pair. I wonder how much they will be. The bejeweled ones from the pre-fall collection were $1500+
  7. Ooooooh I love these!!
  8. I love them! If the price is reasonable, I will totally consider getting them!
  9. Not my style, but I think they are hot!
  10. love
  11. haha you KNOW that won't be the case. i feel like the less useful the item is (fingerless gloves....) the more expensive it is!
  12. I don't like fingerless gloves at all no matter who makes them, big miss for me
  13. Very retro Madonna-ish !!
  14. I absolutely love gloves, but to be honest I'm not really too impressed with the LV ones, except a few runway ones. These I really don't like though. :Push:
  15. For those who like them, where the heck would you wear them??