Finger/tray foods to plates and utensils??

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  1. I have 14 month old twins that I am going to start to transition from finger foods on their tray to plates and utensils. I was looking at the Boon plates that dont have an edge or lip on them, hoping that it would be a little harder for the twins to pick them up and throw. The reviews on Amazon were not the greatest, so I was wondering if there is another brand that some of you could recommend. As far as utensils, I havent really looked and there are sooo many kinds/brands out there, that any info on those would be appreciated as well.

    And if you have any tips on how to start the transition, that would be great. I am anticipating many days and nights of cleaning food off the kids, table, high chairs, table, and pets. LOL!!
  2. Man its a hard process in my house. My son still does not eat with a utensil but its not for lack of trying. He either eats finger foods or I feed him with him assisting me here and there. I did find some suction cup plates that have a tiny lip on them I think at Walmart and they help a lot. I do have those utensils that are curved for them to hold in their palms and he has more luck with those then the regular spoons and stuff. I have seen those at Target.