Finger tattoo work appropriate? Yes or No?

  1. That is a lovely sentimental tribute to someone who meant a lot to you. Aside from the work environment issue, the finger location you chose is one of the most sensitive parts of the body as far as pain receptors are concerned. Could you sit through the session without serious regrets?
  2. I have one tattoo in a place that can be covered, so I am not against them. But I did work with a real estate closer a couple of weeks ago that had a tattoo under her wedding ring. I couldn't see what it was or what it read, but I did think it looked unprofessional and my eyes kept going back to it again and again. People will notice it for sure, so keep that in mind for your current and future jobs.
  3. I don't like it.
  4. You only live once! I have tattoos and work for a major big company they do not have any issues with my tattoos. It's more common to have tattoos then not having a tattoo. If its something you won't regret later than do it!
  5. I hold to the saying of never get a tattoo any place that can't be covered by a dress suit.

    If this is the only job you are EVER going to have and your boss thinks it's a great idea, sure go for it. However, if you might ever want a promotion, to change jobs or if you might ever have a different supervisor with a different opinion, I would think long and hard about visible tattoos, esp hand/neck tattoos.
  6. Word.
  7. this is a year and a half old. . .
  8. I would reconsider it as well. Your current boss may OK it, but like others said it may make it difficult to get a promotion if it involves interacting with a lot of outside clients.

    Trying to get a new job would be very difficult as well-if the interviewer sees the tattoo they might make (incorrect) assumptions about you.

    I love tattoos, but if I were to get one I would make sure it's somewhere that would be covered up for work.
  9. I have nothing against tattoos per se... but anything permanent concerns me... should you change your mind years from now or your career situation change, you're stuck with it..and it's not easy to remove.

    Is there another way you can honor your loved one?
  10. I work in an extremely conservative job. I have tattoos, one of which is inside my left wrist. It is not visible if I am in a suit (which I typically am) or is mostly covered by my watch if I take off my jacket. I am thinking about another one. I guess I don't give a **** what people think. :cool: And it hasn't hurt my career.

    I would however, get a finger tattoo that could be mostly covered by a ring.
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  11. You are the only one better able to gauge how your superiors feel about such things. I work in a medical office. I see leg, foot and neck tattoos, nose and tongue piercings. Depends on your work environment.