Finger Paints

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  1. Do any of you ladies like these polishes? I got two at Sally's last week because they were buy one get one free. I got two of the new fall colors a green one and a dark maroon color with green specks in it. I painted my nails the green color and it seemed like the color just peeled right off my nail. Do you have that problem?
  2. Did you paint it on bare nails? I saw those at Sally's and I think I remember reading somewhere that they adhere to polish but not bare nails. I didn't get one though so I don't remember exactly.
  3. I used my china glaze ridge filler base coat.
  4. I decided i am going to return them. Plus i don't really like the brush anyway
  5. I have some Finger Paints, they wear like any other nail polish on me. I usually pick them up on clearance at Sally's. Maybe they don't mix well with the China Glaze base? I've never used any CG base or top coats before.