FINEALLY: A Reason To Watch The Super Bowl

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    When David Beckham decided to make a run for the border (the American one), sport nuts everywhere predicted he would do wonders for the sport of soccer. Now it appears the English ace isn't limiting himself to the beautiful game, though, as he has been lined up to given a half-time interview during the Super Bowl this weekend.

    Becks will talk about his move to Los Angeles in a special question and answer session during America's biggest sporting event. His appearance is sure to confirm the former England captain as a bright new light on America's celebrity scene, as it will be broadcast in the middle of the most-viewed TV event of the year.
  2. Cool...thanks halftime superbowl I won't
  3. :rolleyes: Im still just watching to see the Bears..definently not to see Beckham
  4. I have never watched American Football in my life, now I'll be watching just to see Prince.