Fine Lingerie/undergarments

  1. My SO and I had planned on purchasing lingerie the other day, but the selection at Neiman Marcus turned out to be rather slim and unattractive. So to make up for not being able to find anything that I really loved at the mall, my SO is letting me order a set from online. Right now, I'm leaning towards either a Millesia set or a Lise Charmel set, but I have never seen these brands in person or owned anything from them.

    Has anyone here had any experience with these brands? If not, do you have any recommendations for a nice brand of luxury lingerie? What are your favorites? :yes:
  2. my personal favourite is myla, but i just got a set from agent provocateur that i rather like. their bras aren't really cut correctly for me though, they set their cups so close together that i had to go up a band size to get a better fit. but my boobs are quite far apart so i'm not sure if that's a common complaint. and then there's la perla of course, or lejaby which i used to wear all the time.
  3. I'm in NZ, and can get Elle Macpherson intimates lingerie reasonably cheaply. I love these, especially the silk ones. They are one of my weaknesses, my lingerie drawer is full of pretty lingerie sets that I don't wear!
  4. It depends what you want to do when wearing it :graucho:, LOL

    I have seen Lise Charmel before and I thought that it is more on the 'practical' side and very American. I think it is unadventurous. If you are looking for practical purposes then it gets my vote.

    But if you want to start 'torturing' your SO as such (god, I sound really bad, LOL) then I don't know about it because it seems unexciting - very American - which BTW is not a bad thing. Assuming that you are willing to part with $200 which is the price of a higher-up-the-range Lise Charmel bra with the expectation of getting it ruined beyond wear, LOL then:

    La Perla - the standard line and the Black Label line if you want to turn up the heat.

    Myla - it's very naughty in a pretending-to-be-innocent way, LOL though you probably have to go to their shop for this because the last time I checked their website it has a really lousy selection.

    Agent Provocateur - no need to describe this, it is bordering on being sadomasochistic though I think the playsuit would drive your SO wild, LOL

    Aubade - a bit like Lise Charmel but with more variations I think.

    I think these 4 are risqué in a European and non-prostitute way anyway though I may be stretching the definition a bit too far with certain Agent Provocateur's styles, LOL. Anyway I am getting rather hot under the collar so I better get going and cook the dinner! :lol:

  5. I was under the impression that Lise Charmel, Millesia, and Christina Iaia were lovely, classic European brands (though I know Christina Iaia is more recent, being a former La Perla designer). err, Agent Provocateur just isn't what I'm looking for right now :shame: ; I'm aiming for something a bit more classic and less "bedroom-only". Items that are high quality, beautiful, and different in terms of color and design in comparison to what you see in most stores. I have my collection of risque pieces I've collected over the years, now I, and thankfully my sweet SO, are interested in turning towards more classic, luxury pieces :yes: That um very...bold? lol, just not my style :shame:
  6. I am a really big fan of simone perele and ritratti, but ritratti is hard to find, even online.
  7. Oh if every day type then Alice Cadolle, the ultimate Parisian lingerie on Rue Cambon, Paris or Rigby and Peller, the best made to measure in London. I think both do have a trip to America for made to measure. If you are really interested then phone up and ask them about it.

    Lise Charmel, no doubt it is of a higher quality (otherwise they would not be charging $200 for a bra) but it's not really classic though the marketing makes it seem so. On this price range there are other alternatives actually why don't you go to or the Style Group, LOL and see what they say about the lingerie for the rich. I still stick by Myla and La Perla though.

    The AP playsuit, I couldn't bring myself to buy it as well. My hair at the back of my neck just stood up and I really shivered at the thought of even touching it, LOL.

    Edit: I am going to make (may be ridiculous) assumption that a lingerie brand that does not have its own standalone proper boutique in London or Paris or Milan is not really that luxurious.
  8. I really do like a few lines from La Perla, but my SO just doesn't care for La Perla :s I can point out a hundred pieces from them, and he doesn't care for even one of them. Alice Cadolle, I wish I could locate more information on and more examples of her work (which I'm sure is lovely, and I have heard of her work before), but I believe that would be a brand that would have to be experienced on location, rather than from afar. Same goes for Sabbia Rosa, which looks like it can only be purchased in Europe also. If and when I go to Europe again, I will look at these brands, but for now, I'm aiming for something luxurious and attainable :p I can justify an expensive set that can be worn for SO and with clothing on occasion, but a bedroom-only set upwards of $500, nope, can't justify that at this age! :biggrin:
  9. Alice Cadolle: no need to see anything or talk about the validity of the name because Hermione Cadolle is credited with the creation the bra as we know it and the shop has been going on since 1889. Chanel atelier recommends her bra under a Haute Couture dress. That is just a reason in itself, n'est pas, LOL?.

    Google for the phone number and phone up to ask about it and you'll probably get to talk to Alice Cadolle herself though I must say she is a bit bossy, LOL.
  10. I love Pleasure State from Australia, no idea if it's available in the States though. They are seriously sexy yet practical. :love: You should check them out, even though they are quite a young brand of 3 yrs but they have quite a huge following in Oz.
  11. princesse tam tam do some really nice things that aren't as overtly sexy, have you seen any of the range? they're available on figleaves..
  12. Hi Neeya,

    Here goes my first post! I'm a personal shopper, which I love! I always recommend to my clients that they go to La Perla when they really want to knock it out of the ballpark. Their lingerie is to die. It doesn't get any better than that! I also wear it myself when I can afford it. I hope you find something nice!:smile: