Fine jewelry Ring prices :)

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  1. So i went on a rampage in search of a right hand ring and here are the prices of the rings i inquired. hopefully this is helpful to other ppl as well ;)

    Camelia Gold $2,050
    Camelia white gold with diamonds
    Small version middle stone of .15 carat $5,375
    Medium version middle stone of .30 carat $9,800
    Same version with pearl is like $26,000ish
    Mademoiselle collection
    White gold small version $4,175
    medium version around $6,800
    Cross over ring $5,975 J0387

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  2. it's so sweet of you to post. the rings are beautiful!

  3. My Favorite is this one. It's beautiful! :drool:
  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I am going to bookmark this for reference!
  5. I love them!!! Which one are you getting?
  6. Those are gorgeous! I'm going to try and splurge next year and get the ceramic ring to match my J12 watch. Chanel does have some gorgeous fine jewelry.
  7. Thanks for posting. I'll add this gorgeous amethyst camelia which I believe is around $6,000.

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  8. Thanks guys, I think i'm getting the second one in the small size :smile: can't wait to see it this weekend over at madison :smile:
  9. laurayuki, if it doesn't cause you much inconvenience, could you check the price of this particular cometes necklace as shown in the attached picture below? I've been wanting to get that piece for ages!

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  10. Thanks for posting- now I know how much I will have to save for the ring I want!
  11. the camelia with diamonds is stunning.
    I love it! :P
  12. Laurayuki: Thank you for posting!

    I'm quite surprised that the camelia with pearl is SO EXPENSIVE! It must be a natural pearl and not a harvested pearl. =)