Finding Your Roots - PBS


So Sweet!
Aug 2, 2007
Born in the USA
Finding your Roots - PBS - 8pm

With Henry Louis Gates

I absolutely love any show about genealogical research.

Does anyone ever watch this show?

I also watch Who Do You Think You Are, which is now on TLC,

The one thing I love about this show though, is that it is more diverse (ethnically), and they do the DNA testing.

More info about the show and each episode here:

Season 2 Profiles:

Sept 23
In search of Our Fathers
Courtney B. Vance
Gloria Ruben
Stephen King

Sept 30
Born Champions
Rebecca Lobo
Billy Jean King
Derek Jeter

Oct 7
Our American Storytellers
Anna Devere Smith
Anderson Cooper
Ken Burns

Oct 14
Roots of Freedom
Benjamin Jealous
Khandi Alexander

Oct 21
The Melting Pot
Aaron Sanchez
Ming Tsai
Tom Colicchio

Oct 28
We Come From People
Valerie Jarrett
Angela Bassett

Nov 4
Our People, Our Traditions
Tony Kushner
Carole King
Alan Dershowitz

Nov 11

The British are Coming
Sally Field
Deepak Chopra

Nov 18
Ancient Roots
Tina Fey
David Sedaris
George Stephanopolous

Nov 25
Decoding Our Past Through DNA
Jessica Alba
Gov. Deval Patrick

If you want to watch past episodes, catch them here.


Sep 5, 2013
yes yes yes
he was on Tom Joyner the other day he is a fabulous story teller this is a must see series


So Sweet!
Aug 2, 2007
Born in the USA
Watched it....loved it!! :smile:
Check out last season! I felt this first episode was a little rushed. What differentiates this show from WDYTYA is the DNA and he used to spend more time on that. The company they use to use on the show, 23 and Me went through some litigation, so maybe that's why.
I will do a separate post with a breakdown of my thoughts!


The Red Queen
Feb 4, 2006
Did u guys see this weeks episode.
Yes and i loved it! I am wondering about ADS's ancestor Basil and how and why the family didn't speak of him. Basil sounded like a smart guy who took advantage of an opportunity, nasty as is was. He must have made a lot of money from that. The part that isn't discussed, is whether or not the dead soldiers had their personal items taken prior to the shallow grave burials. I would think that there are always people trolling the battlegrounds ready to rob the dead. However, there might have been a few things not it made the job more attractive to those who did the work.

I thought Burns was pretty funny. Cooper was more surprised that he had a past relative with two nickels to rub together. I suspect that back then, in the south, if you had a large plantation, slaves were to be expected. I thought it more interesting to find the people who fought who did not own slaves. Probably the majority of them did not.

I grew up in a little village where the big deal was that George Washington slept there. I think they made a big deal about it because the village was Tory during the Revolution. haha!