Finding the Right Size Tano

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  1. I'm curious to know what you ladies carry in your Tano bags because it seems that some people think the Miniisa is a great size while others think that it is too small.

    Is the size an issue because of how it looks on your frame or what you actually carry in it? :confused1:

    I tend to carry larger bags, but then I end up bogging myself down with all kinds of stuff I really don't need on short outings to the store, etc. I found the miniisa to be the perfect size as an everyday bag but I also realize that the boogie will be better for when I need to carry more work stuff and kid items.

    So, what do you carry in your Tano every day? And which sizes work best for you?
  2. In my opinion, most Tano bags tend to run in the large-capacity range. There are, of course, exceptions.

    I've never, ever run out of room in a Boogie. I took my apricot Boogie to Denver and I carried all my normal stuff (which is a lot) plus an additional cosmetic case with skater-girl-hair-rescue-products, my program of events, two cameras, an extra cell phone, a gallon baggie half full of trading pins, and at one point a sweater that fits a 93 pound 12-year-old.

    There's no way I could get that much into my Minilisa. But when it's just MY items....the few trips outside she's made with me.... she's done great and I don't feel like I've overstuffed her.

    I think larger bags are never really out of style so even if you are very tiny bigger bags still look great.
  3. I agree that Tano tends to make larger bags. I DO sometimes wish they would make smaller bags that weren't cross-body or swing-pack type things, but some of the bags actually "read" smaller when they are worn than a person might think by looking at the measurements.

    The French Nanny looks great on - not too big at all (and I am 5'2" and a size 6, so I'm not tiny, but I am not tall). The slouch makes it look appropriate on almost anyone. Yet when I need to, I can toss in sunscreen and a few bottles of water for the kids for when we go to the zoo.

    To me, it all comes down to how the bag looks IRL. A lot of bags seem huge, but not nearly as big once you wear them. But the Boogie would still likely be too big for me!
  4. For me, the size of the sexbomb is perfect for me, so I assume the minilisa will be fine too. The SB has a nice wide opening and despite the fact that it is a "medium" size bag it carries a lot. I tend to carry around too much junk with my Cooped up which has recently become exclusively my laptop bag (which I wish had an outside pocket to carry things like memory sticks). Even my Boogie is a bit too deep for me, although I love the fact that it has the potential for a lot of stuff. The Boogie also doesn't quite fall right on me because I'm short/short waisted. As I mentioned in a previous thread it tends to bounce on my butt/hips where on most people it falls above their hip bones.
  5. I only own 1 Tano (pomegranate sexbomb) and I just got her but I think the SB is the perfect everyday size. Like kmh1190 said, she holds a lot and has a nice wide opening. However, I also have 3 young children and I am looking to the Boogie next for those times when I want to schlep more stuff than normal. HTH
  6. On a daily basis, I don't carry much at all! A wristlet, a purse organizer (pens, hairholders, gum, lip gloss, powder, etc), keys, sunglasses and maybe a small digi camera. Thus, bags like "behind the seen" and "amanda playwith" that I own are seriously gigantic!!!!!! I still wear them though because I love the bags and then they are just lightweight! Everything I usually carry with me on a daily basis fits in a sexbomb EASILY without even using any of the outside pockets.

    I like bags of all sizes so I own bags of all sizes! Own what you like, no matter how much you carry :smile:
  7. I carry a gigantic sunglass case, two glasses cases (reading and regular (should just get bifocals)), cosmetic case, wristlet with tissues, medicines, gum etc., chicklit wallet (which is huge), cellphone, planner, and keys. I find the Boogie pretty perfect, the French Nanny I sometimes have to use a smaller wristlet, but I find my Cooped Up too big and everything gets lost. I do tend to like outside pockets but the Sexbomb (when I tried it on in the store) wasn't comfortable for me. I have 11 Tanos though and make each one work!
  8. This is another reason why everyone needs more than one Tano--different sizes for carrying different things! Like today would have been perfect for a boogie (mine isn't here yet) because I took the kids out to run errands and needed to have word-find books, crayons, etc. with me.

    I also have to put a plug for the creepy crawly wristlet. I think it's the perfect companion for a larger Tano. I keep my cell, miniskinny, wallet, hand sanitizer, keys, etc., all in it and just take it out when I need to run to the grocery store, etc. It's also a great way to keep your 'top essentials' from getting lost on a larger bag.:tup:
  9. For me, both. I have to like the way my bag looks on me when I have my items in it. So, for me the minilisa looked too small because everything made it slouch in the center making it look smaller than I am used to. I have the analisa which is bigger but the actual difference in size makes the slouch factor ok, ditto for my boogie. Does that make sense? So ultimately, it is just a matter of personal taste.
  10. Absolutely! I think that I would probably end up carrying my boogie more often because I'm often carrying work and kidlet things but may use my minilsa for those times when I only need some basics. I'm a bit of a girl scout in that I always have 'just in case' items in my bag. My husband once asked me for flint to start a fire. Next time, I'm going to buy some and keep it in there in case he asks!:nuts:
  11. ^^:lol:
  12. first of all Haute Mama, at 5'2 and a size 6 you ARE tiny!!!! :smile:

    I don't carry a whole lot of stuff (wallet, glasses, tissues, pen and other small stuff) and find the Boogie is too big for me, and too deep. I am constantly rooting around at the bottom of the bag to find stuff. I love my French Nanny - to me it's a perfect size and not as deep as the Boogie. I tend to look for bags roughly in the 12x12 size. Most Tanos are bigger than that, and I have shoulder/neck problems and can't carry a heavy bag. I thank all those of you who post pictures - they are VERY helpful when seeing them on someone. I may just stick the FN for now - even with all the new styles coming out. I don't have a local store, so it's kind of a hassle to keep ordering and sending back til you figure out what works!
  13. ^^I think to be listed on the Tano website store list you have to carry a certain amount of stock. I have a couple of stores near me that are not listed. So if there are any small boutiques in your area it might be worth a call to check.
  14. TejasMama, I'm like you. My kids are teenagers so I don't need the crayons, lol, but I carry a lot of what-if stuff and I always carry either a book or a sketchbook in my bag. I found a really cute leather Japanese anime decorated wristlet at Goodwill and that's where I keep all my extra stuff (hand sanitizer, hand cream, tampons, bandaids, etc). Be prepared, is my motto! :yes:
  15. We Girl Scouts have to stick together!:P

    Sometimes I get teased a bit because I have lots of extra stuff with me, but I've had enough experience taking this crew in public all day to know that I can head off sibling arguments or a bag mood by being prepared with snacks and distractions. Life's too short to tow three cranky kids around all day! Grab a Tano and make your life easier!:yes: