Finding the perfect first bag...

  1. Well, in spite of recent stuff going on in my life, I am in major need of retail therapy. I have the money to splurge, so I figure, why not?

    I saw Tokidoki when I was in New York earlier this year for my birthday (went to a taping of TDS!) but had already spent all my birthday money at the time. Since I live in Vancouver, Canada, it's impossible to walk out the door and physically buy a bag, so I'm planning on using eBay. (unless there is another online vendor that ships to Canada?) Of course, shipping to Canada costs almost as much as the bag itself sometimes. *grumble*

    I want to treat myself to my first Tokidoki bag, but I'm not sure which style would be best for me. I'm used to wearing a handbag that I can wear over my shoulder tucked under my arm -- I carry my ipod nano in it so I can't have a clutch or else the cord would be stretched hilariously from my ears to my hand... not very stylist!

    Right now I carry in my purse:
    - my checkbook wallet
    - my cell phone (a standard flipphone, not a Razr)
    - my Nano
    - a little makeup bag
    - keys
    - a paperback book

    I could easily downsize the makeup part and just toss in a lipgloss and mirror for the road.

    My favorite print is the Citta Rosa, but everytime I find something I like (that's a good deal, to boot) there's something about it that makes me hesitate. I found on eBay a Bambino (too small), a Bocce (too small), and a Bambinone -- the Bambinone looks like it would be the best choice, but the placement isn't the greatest (front and back are almost identical). Is this normal for the Bambinone style? I've found it on two different bags.

    Another issue is (of course), the price. I don't mind paying retail just for the convenience of not having to drive 3 hours into Bellingham to hunt around the Macy's there. Is it just the good placement that hikes the price up so sharply from retail? There are a lot of BINs going for much more than the retail and I'm assuming this is why.

    ...god, reading all that, I am SUCH a newbie. But I do want to start my Tokidoki collection... I'm thinking of getting something of each of my favorite prints!
  2. Get a Zucca!! :graucho: I think you'lll :heart: it and you can put your ipod in the outside pocket!!
  3. Oh wow, the Zucca is cute, too! Nothing in Citta Rosa up on eBay though, darn. But I did find a Pirata with pretty good placement... Below retail, too.
  4. Zuccas are awesome~ I love bambinone's, myself~ Identital placement on both sides is usually something that just happens - though bambinone's aren't specifically made this way~ Most of them have different placements per side. I guess it depends on how much money you're willing to spend~ You can get a great deal on most any bambinone on eBay, but zuccas are usually more pricey - and if that pirata zucca is an auction, it'll probably get bid up to retail, a little more, or a little less.

    I'm gonna go with zucca, too, since you can carry a lot or a little stuff, and the bag still looks awesome~ Plus, it's such a classic toki bag... and you can get great placement on it because it's rather big~
  5. Everyone does seem to love Zuccas!! You'd have to consider what size bag you like. I love the print placements on Zuccas and even more on Buon Viaggios, but I find them HUGE!! I could never buy one!! ...well, maybe a BV :graucho:
    If you're thinking of the Bambinone, I think it's probably the best choice for the things you said you carry. I usually carry smaller bags and find my Bambinone carries a world of junk, and still looks a lil saggy.:p BUT, you'd have the ever-stretching cord problem since it's usually worn cross-body.

    There's also the Gioco, which is medium/large and also has an outside front pocket like the Zucca, so you could keep your iPod there, like JenY suggested for the Zucca.
  6. Yeah the Pirata one is BIN 179, whch I'm guessing isn't too bad since the price reference guide on LJ said they retail for 184.

    This is one of the two CR Bambinones up; the other is an auction, this one is BIN... 169. Really good placement but the back is almost identical to the front which isn't much fun. The other Bambinone has the same problem, but the placement isn't that good, either.

    Is the Bambinone really meant to be worn cross-body? Could the strap be adjusted to a shorter length, or does it stick out from the body that way?

    The Gioco is a cute style, but it looks a bit bulky.
  7. When shortened, the bambinone still is kinda long... so I think it's either meant to be worn on the shoulder, or cross body - but it's by no means a shoulder-bag like the dolce or the bambino~ I'd check my bambinone to see how short it goes, but it's at home and I'm at college :p If I remember correctly, though, when shortened all of the way it still hit at my hip...
  8. I think you might like a Stellina too - when the strap is taken in all the way it fits perfectly under the arm. The front pockets are also great places to store an IPod, cell-phone, things like that.
  9. Oh my gosh, I just found a retailer in Vancouver who has Tokidoki stuff. They only have the Foresta print, but they have Denaro (both styles), Bella, Gioco, Bambinone, and Zucca... no idea if there are any left... might have to call once I've made up my mind!
  10. Do they have a foresta caramella? :graucho:

    Doesn't look like it.

    Found another place in Vancouver that apparently has tons of cute designer stuff and Tokidoki, but they don't open for another half hour so I'll call then and ask if they have anything in stock.
  12. Okay, thanks. My BF is dying for a foresta caramella. :rolleyes:
    Let us know if you get anything!!!
  13. Want me to give you a heads-up if Voltage has a foresta caramella? I'm going to call them in a minute. :biggrin:
  14. Sure, that would be :supacool:!!! Thanks!!
  15. Poo, they don't have any left. *shakes fist* The girl was supernice though and explained that it was a collaboration thing and they won't be getting any more in. They do have the hoodies, though.

    Ah well, back to Ebay I go. I'm reaaaaally leaning toward the Pirata Zucca.