Finding the perfect bag for an outfit

  1. Tonight I went out to dinner in downtown NYC and I wore a black Betsy Johnson dress (tight and kind of sexy) with high black suede boots and a black Alice and Olivia blazer (because the dress did not have sleeves and it is cold here!). Only in the last year have I gotten more into handbags and I realized that I did not have one that I liked with this outfit! I couldn't believe it - it is so basic. I did have a small straw / summer bag that would work in warm weather. I have black bags but they are all big - daytime bags - not evening. I think I need one or two that I can wear in the evening to carry some money and a lipstick. Can anyone recommend a brand for this kind of bag? Something easy to carry (I would consider a clutch but I kind of like those little bags that have a short shoulder strap that have been out recently). Is there a good website where I can just order one>?

  2. Thanks! This is cute and I am checking out other bags on the same site.
  3. I found this and think I like it. I don't know the brand and of course have not seen it IRL and it is final sale - anyone know the brand? What do you think of the bag for an evening bag? It is by Cacharel and is patent - reg $400 sale $200.

    This bag doesn't have a strap but it appears to be an oversized clutch. Kataphileo is having a 2 hr sale right now with bags 50% off so you might want to check it out. Ive seen the Loden color before and it is really really gorgeous. Its like an emerald green type.
  5. I think I am going with the Tobi clutch in black. So then one more question - is black the right color if I am wearing all black already?