Finding the Original MSRP for a vintage designer handbag

  1. Greetings all,
    does anyone know how to look up the original MSRP on a vintage designer handbag? I found a near mint Ferragamo handbag with original model info tag and would like to post it on eBay after I learn more about it. I know very little about designer handbags and stumbled on this by accident after another shopper told me that she got hundreds re-selling a handbag she found at this store. How do use the information on this tag (the same model number is printed on a tag sewn inside the bag) to learn how old the purse is and what it sold for when it first hit the market?
    this is what is on the tag:

    P.E. 94 Salvatore Ferragamo
    Mod. 21 - 4173/49 Mis. BL 2133284

    Mat./Col. 0366 -29 Vitello BEIGE 019
    6481 -32 GROSGRAIN H3 047 X BEIGE 01


    ps this is my first time on one of these chat blog things so I hope I did this right.:s
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