Finding the best deals

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  1. Ok, so I see lots of people that get the coupons from Coach in the mail and in their email. I am not one of the lucky ones. I also see people with discount upon discount. So I was hoping someone could school me on how to get the best deals. I live near a FP store and an outlet but I don't have tons of time to stop in. What are the best times to go in for deals? Is there somewhere I should check online that lists when the outlets are handing out the 20% coupons? Do the outlets get regular Coach purses in and when (not just the ones made for the factory stores)? Or is it all hit or miss? I am dying to start a collection. i always use them but usually have only one at a time and use it until it wears out and becomes totally unusable. But no more!!! I am on the hunt.... All help (from the people who I know , know the most;) is greatly appreciated.
  2. Ya, I would like to know as well, bc I'm going to Vegas this comign weekend, hs there any 20% discount for the outlets? thx
  3. For the outlet coupons - just go to and make sure you are signed up for any email updates they send out. As well, whenever you buy something at either a FP store and the outlet - make sure you give a current email address. Give 2 even - the more email addresses they have - the better chance you have of receiving the outlet coupons. Sometimes an email address may get dropped for whatever reason.

    Normally at the outlet, if there is a coupon they SA at the door hands them out anyway. And always check the Coach shopping forum - outlet coupons always get posted there.

    For the PCE at the FP stores - you really need to build up a shopping history by purchasing a few bags full price in the beginning and by shopping at the outlet. It's quite a mystery as to who gets on the list though, there are no hard and fast rules.

    Sometimes if you have a great relationship with your store they will extend PCE to you, but again, that is hit and miss. And apparently Coach corporate is cracking down on this sort of thing - or so they say.

    Hope that helps.
  4. As for timing, my experience has been that PCE usually happens every 8 weeks, and outlet 20% off coupons - maybe every month? Again, it's not supposed to be on a regular basis, that is just my experience.

    And yes, the boutiques do send the FP merchandise to the outlets every so often. With the outlets you just have to go and see what's there - there isn't any real way to predict what will end up there - and not all outlets get the same boutique deletes.

    You really have to be a crazy Coach shopper to stay on top of everything!!
  5. Excellent advice, Crissy!

    To elaborate on her point, unfortunately Coach PCE is NOT a friends and family sale where everything in the store is on sale and you just need to walk in during those times. It is an invitation only event. You have to purchase something from a full price store at least once (in-store) and put your information in the computer. The PCE's themselves are fairly frequent, but not the same people receive PCE every time. That way they spread out the discounts throughout the year but most people only receive one or two invites a year. Corporate generates the PCE invites -- stores have no idea how they pick each time (we can speculate).

    Stores will sometimes extend PCE to good customers, but corporate is VERY strict about who gets it so it does not happen a lot.

    Good luck finding deals!