Finding Personal assistant for home? help!

  1. My parent never home so I am the one who take care of mostly everything at home and myself, right now I have a housekeeper ( since I now live in an apartment only goes back once a while) who she is ok but not so helpful at all. Clean the house once a while and mostly just pick up mails. Now I am thinking maybe I should find a PA to help me take care of stuff since things can get alittle overwhelming at times. So I wonder is it better to find someone from the newspaper? Online? Or is it a bad idea since I will have to trust her? But I am pretty sure I need to find someone to help. Does anyone here has PA/housekeeper what is the better way to find one???:unsure:
  2. I don't have much to help on this but I suggested you do an extensive background check to whomever you thinking about hiring.

    Good Luck to ya..
  3. I think a good employment agency might be worth checking with. My friend worked part time as a PA for a real estate broker in Florida. She was friends with the lady and that helped. Do you have any friends you trust that could use some extra money and would want to do it? I think it is hard to find someone you could trust completely. Sometimes just asking friends if they know someone might work.
    Good luck.
  4. Thanks ladies....are the agencies better than those ad??
  5. You can also try advertising at a local college if it's parttime. You might be able to help out a broke student looking for an after school job. I would trust a college student more than some random person in the paper.
  6. We went through a agency, but we still conducted our own background check with the full cooperation of the applicant. we also have hired help with great success through word of mouth.
  7. It depends where you live. Here in Calif they are pretty easy to find although they aspire to be the PA for a celeb. But having one for even 10-15 hrs per week is great. Good luck.
  8. I don't know where you are, but there is a service called "Trustline". The applicant is fingerprinted, and then the prints are run through a database of law enforcement (local, state and federal) to see if there is any criminal history. Any person you let into your home, I would do an extremely thorough background and reference check.
  9. I live in southern california and I do feel like it's crazy here lately and since I am usually living alone. Thanks for the info about trustline and background check. I think I must look into that when I find someone.
  10. Duh. I just saw that is says "SoCAl" on your avatar. Oops.

    Well, I am in NorCal, so Trustline is definitely an option for you.
    I'm sorry that you are so overwhelmed, you parents really should not be leaving so much upon your shoulders.
  11. Thanks Lucrezia I really appreciate the info:P