Finding old friends...

  1. Has anyone ever used one of the online detective services/sites to find old friends?

    Which ones have the most pertinent up-to-date data/info?

    Netdetective is a waste of $ - and some of the others have older information.

    Thanks for any info or experiences you can share. :smile:
  2. have you tried It is how i was able to locate some friends i lost contact with. Best of luck to you. I hope you are able to locate your friends.
  3. Thanks for the response. I am glad I am not the only person to have ever looked for someone they lost touch with! will not work for me though, since these are people I knew after school. (I have no idea what school they even went to.)
  4. I search for myself on those things to make sure I'm hard to find (I don't want certain family members knowing where I live) and all the ones that I've used & paid for are out of date by several years.

    Try myspace, friendster, facebook & check to see if their high school has an alumni page (mine does & they seem to be getting more common). I've found a bunch of old high school friends through those venues and even a few from grammar school.

    I know what it's like to have friends drop off the face of the earth. There are two friends I've been trying to find forever, and no one in my circle of friends knows what happened to them.
  5. i used the yahoo people search and had excellent results! its free but for additional info you can pay like $14.00.

    I have also found lots of old friends on myspace!
  6. For me Google and Friendster have found the friends I had lost contact with....the magic of internet :b
  7. I usually search my friends through friendster and myspace. I think almost everyone has that!
  8. Friendster was my primary medium to contact/find long lost friends....I even found my ex boyfriends.... and their current girlfriends :p hahahahhaha
  9. I haven't tried any of those sites.. but I have found old friends through myspace and friendster..
  10. yahoo people finder is great but the info might be old.
    Also myspace is great, everyone these days is getting on there.
  11. Myspace and Friendster is good if you're in your 20s. Most of my college/HS friends are on there. But my husband is in his 30's and not many people in his age group are signed up on those sites. It's a generational thing, I guess! I personally use Google to try and track down some people from my past...if you remember a screen name or email address they used to use, Google that and see what you can find. Good luck!
  12. Well I was going to suggest myspace/friendster but those may not be for everyone... good luck though!