Finding nemo at Disneyland brings out the celebs

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Aw how cute.
    I entered a contest for the annual passholders to get tickets to go to that, obviously I didn't win lol.
  3. Everyone's so cute!
  4. I love Disneyland! How fun :smile:
  5. OH! Everybody's kids are so cute!!!
  6. Everyone's kids are sooo cute! Special wow for Melissa Joan Hart's son. That pic of him hugging Mickey is adorable!!
  7. mariska looks so beautiful & happy

    her son is beyond adorable!!
  8. That is extremely sweet - gotta agree about MJH's son hugging Mickey - waaay too cute
  9. The contest was to get to ride before everyone else. I also entered and didn't win :sad:.This special press event was on sunday. For the press and celebs.
  10. wowie! Melissa J Hart still looks young & pretty!
  11. Sooo Cute!!!
  12. Yeah I know, I entered for just about every open time slot, too. Oh well.
  13. cute!!!
  14. I love Disneyland... but I'm not big on submarine rides.
    These pictures are adorable, and Mariska's son is too cute!
  15. Great pics! Thanks.

    Ooh I can't wait for Disneyworld this summer :smile: