Finding my bag in a Sex and the City episode...

  1. Hi ladies,

    This is a long shot, but do any of you remember Charlotte carrying this bag (coming in my mail tomorrow for me, yay!)? I think it's in a scene where she's with that gay Italian wedding planner. She might be wearing a hat also.

    Anybody recall which episode that was, or at least, what the plot of that episode was?

  2. Oh I remember that! She walks into the Chanel store with Anthony to shop for clothes to wear when she meets the parents whose baby she and her husband Harry want to adopt. Then in the middle of lunch with the expecting parents they tell Char & Harry that they've changed their minds and are keeping their baby. It's such a sad episode! It's in the 2nd half of Season 6.. I forget the name of it though :Push:
  3. Aww sparkles you're so cute!! If I ever need help with SATC, I know who to PM!

    Intl - can't wait till you get the bag tomorrow, woohoo!
  4. I am trying to find a photo her carrying this bag because I swear I saw one floating around the internet at one point...
  5. See, ok, perfect example: SATC is pretty much the ideal clothes and bag-matching barometer. Match your bag by style and personality type!
  6. haha Classwhore, you're right! I'm definitely a Charlotte.
  7. Hey girls, I think I found it. This one looks larger than the one I ordered but maybe it's the angle? Think its the one?

  8. She's carrying the bigger one, the smaller one is the Caviar.
  9. I LUV that bag! :love:

    If you look at the bottom of the C's in the photo, it looks like it has the same number of quilted squares as yours - one and a half from the bottom C to the edge? But Charlotte's looks like it has more space ABOVE the C's.

    Not sure if that's relevant, but I have noticed Chanel tend to use the same size quilting on all their bags and don't scale it up.

    Either way it's a super bag - I'm more of a Carrie, lifestyle-wise, I reckon! :lol:

  10. oooo... IntlSet you should get the big one too ! Big for daytime and small for evening.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. Dangit! Now I want the big one!
  12. it's really beautiful...i loooove the colour!!where did you order it from???
  13. She prob'ly NEEDED the big one to carry her rabbit in.... :noworry: :lol:

  14. haha!!!!

    "only charlotte would hide the rabbit, under a stuffed rabbit!"

    I love charlotte, but I think I'm a Carrie. :smile: