Finding Manolos in NY

  1. Hi ladies,

    As I've mentioned before, I'm off to Boston & New York in September. I'm desperate to get my hands on a pair of Manolo Blahnik Campari Mary Janes in the cherry red colour. I saw them on the Saks website a while ago, but they don't have them anymore, so I'm supposing it was a limited edition colour.

    Sooooo, what do you think my best bet is for getting a pair? Has anybody seen these in the flesh or know anything about them? Can you recommend any boutiques that might still have them, or even consignment stores that would be worth a look??

    I'm in the UK & will only be in NY for 3 days so I have to get organised and work out a strategy before I go!

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Isn't the Manalo store there?
  3. Im so envious youre going to NY.

    Good luck on your quest.....let us know if you get your hands on one...

    post pix...~!
  4. bergdorf has a nice selection of manolos but if the ones you were looking for are this season or last season, they're probably gone already.
  5. Are you sure it was Saks? They don't have Manolos on their website; only Neimans and BG do.

    I buy all my shoes at Bergdorf's or the boutique, and I don't remember seeing those lately. Your best bet is probably ebay.
  6. ooh, now you mention it, it could have been NM. hummm, I think it probably was actually.

    I know theres a Manolo store, but I wasn't sure if I might be better off looking in a little private boutique? I don't know if they were a LE but I haven't seen the colour widely available.

    I'm scared of fakes on ebay & I kinda like the ceremony that goes with buying the shoes in a shop & getting the carrier & walking down the street with a bag full of goodies.... sad I know, but I love it.

    If anyone sees this colour way, or knows of a great place to buy Blahniks, please let me know!

    or in Boston! we are going to Boston too!

  7. At the risk of sounding like Paris Hilton...THAT'S HOT!! :yes:

    I've emailed that seller a few times about various pairs of shoes and she's very nice! Her feedback is quite good and she seems to regularly sell authentic designer shoes. If that's your size and within your price range, I'd say for for it~:yes:
  8. Ha! thats soo funny toilet duck!

    I adore them! it was love at first sight, the minute I saw them!

    I've sent the link to my DH saying 'these are nice aren't they!' will have to see what he says.....

    I saw this seller has loads of high end shoes like Louboutin etc, I always wonder how these sellers get them though, in such quantity I mean?
  9. I saw the Manolo Camparis in RED PATENT (the 3.5 inch heel version, not 4 inch heel version) at Barneys this past Sunday -- they had many sizes available so definitely worth giving them a call. The # is 212-826-8900. Unfortunately I'm waiting for the 4 inch version to surface somewhere.
  10. really?? omg!! thanks sooooooo much Foxy!!

    I wonder if they'd hold the mtil september if I paid for them with my CC?

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. When I first tried to get my silver Sedarby's at Barney's the SA told me they were sold out becuase this girl comes in and cleans them out before they even hit the floor. Turns out he was talking about Naturalgasgirl. Her SA tips her off and collects a big commission and Barney's doesn't care as long as the shoes get sold. I mentioned to her that the SA had told me that; I was just making conversation, but boy she got PISSED!! Oh well, the SA's like to talk, that's not my fault!!
  12. Another good place to try is Jeffrey in the meatpacking district. They tend to have a great selection of Manolos, as well as great clothes and accessories. Balenciaga is there, Louboutin as well. And have lunch (or at least a drink) at Pastis while you're down there!
  13. Other than the actual Manolo store in midtown NYC (31 West 54th ST), the following stores carry the line:

    Bergdorf (large selection of Manolos)
    Neiman Marcus (no stores in NYC)
    Jeffrey New York (449 West 14th ST, NYC)

  14. i was wondering about this! some sellers on ebay have all these shoes and re-sell them at astronomical prices. unbelievable.
    it's so unfair to the rest of us mortal folk who have a hard time finding the one shoe we want! :noworry: