Finding Hidden Birkins at Hermes

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  1. Hi, guys! You know what... A lot of times, if you ask SA, if they have a birkin available, most of time (close to 'always') they say 'No'. I found out some interesting points. I experienced a few times- they told me they had NO birkins available at all. THEN, as I keep talking to them nicely (talk about some other items as well) and keep asking them if they were sure if they had nothing in the back...etc. All of sudden, they have one or two available. They just said nothing available 10-20 minutes ago, and there was 1 available, AND THEN there was another one available. SA was with me whole time-which means that she/ he had Birkins from the begining of the conversation and told me they did not have any. They even said strongly 'We absolutely have no Birkins, NOTHING available. I am pretty sure'...etc. For ladies who really want Birkins: my recommendation is don't just give up right away if you really want birkin. Make friends with them and show them you are/ will be a loyal customer to that SA. She/he will definetly help you.
  2. I totally agree with this statement.:biggrin:
  3. Yup!
  4. Basically kissing a**. :suspiciou
  5. It's just so unbelievable to me that you have to go through that to make such an expensive purchase. Crazy, huh?
  6. I think I would rather not go that far.... for me... JMHO
  7. Yes. I understand what you guys are saying...
    But what I am saying is if someone really wants get Birkins, having a good relationship with SA(for exmple, La Van actually sounds like she has a good friendship with a manager and SA at Hermes. She is also well treated by them.) would be a easiest way to get a Birkin than waiting for years if they can get on a wait list. I am not talking about flattering them. If you have a friendship with SA, they also treat you very specially as well.
  8. Can someone please tell me why the SA's at Hermes are like this? I just dont get it at all. If you want a bag why should you have to pay huge $$$ and kiss a@! to do so? Enlighten me please.
  9. I love reading La Van's stories about what she'd done or what had happended at Hermes. Her stories are really interesting.
  10. Since I don't live near Hermes, and have to go through NM, what should I do when I actually go into a boutique next week? Should I just keep talking and then keep asking if they are sure there are no birkins? And if they say no, say come on, I know better? AHH~ what to do, what to do! Why is this so hard?
  11. I suppose the point of this behavior is to deter most people. I have to admit I'm not the type to kiss anyone's behind. Especially if I am the one selling out the big bucks. I mean don't they get commissions off of these purchases? Why would they NOT want to sell the bags to a willing customer? Instead they would rather have the commission from a $350 scarf as opposed to that of a $7500 purse?
  12. I guess its just the price we have to pay to get our hands on those gorgeous bags! It sucks, there is no excuse for it- but even knowing that I will have to butter up some SA, I still desperately want my birkin!
  13. Jag, I think you just have to be yourself and feel out the present situation. If you think you are in a comfort zone with the associate then start showing a little interest in some bags. (like a Kelly on display or a bolide...anything that they can show you to keep conversation going)
    I don't think if you are at a new Hermes in which you haven't been that you should just bluntly ask for birkins. After a bit, I would casually ask if they have any birkins in stock or in the back of the boutique that you could view. Tell them that you are interested and say you would love to see any that they could "bring out to you". Let them know "if there are any that you are asking them to bring them to you" etc. Hopefully, they will. What more can you do? Just say that you always ask because in other boutiques they have done this for you. It may just work...they always have a few back there. It could be your lucky day!
  14. Thanks Kellybag! I agree with you- I will just go in and act like a lady, and hopefully, a birkin will be there. If not, life will go on and so will my hunt.:nuts:
  15. True, true...I say don't come out right away with are intelligent...try to figure out the SA and give your request at the proper moment. It happens to other people and why not to will go are right!