Finding Dior Romantique..

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  1. Hi there ladies!
    Im looking for the small and the next size up still small but bigger than the smallest dior romantique pieces in brown, are these still in stores, or in outlets? thanks for your time!
  2. Hi Photoobsessive!

    I saw the mini brown Trotter Romantique bag at Holts (I couldn't believe how small and adorable it was IRL!)...if Holts has it, I think most other Dior boutiques would have it at the moment :smile:
  3. yup, May's right, the current line of trotter romantiques are still in stores at the moment, i saw them in both manchester & london. i didn't see any of the trotter romantique flap bags though, just the papillon (bolster/tube) shape looking ones. and of course the new ones without monogramming but with the brown cannage quilted leather instead.

    good luck!
  4. thanks so much knowlegeable ladies!