Finding Auth. David Yurman???

  1. Hey ladies I'm in need of assistance and am hoping someone can help. I am a new, self-admitted David Yurman fanatic but have yet to buy a piece. Does anyone know of 'reputable' sellers on eBay that deal with DY pieces? I will NOT buy fake carp and am so wary..should I just post queries in the 'Authenticate This' thread? I am nowhere close to the 500 requisite posts required to buy/sell here:sad: . After viewing Cosmopolitan's collection and those of other members I'm in serious need to buy now mode :wtf: . Thanks!!
  2. The only eBay seller I've purchased DY from is Jodiwrub. She is authentic, but has a limited supply. You have to check back regularly if you're waiting for a particular piece. Also, there's a David Yurman outlet store here in south Florida, and all of their items are at least 30% off retail. (Maybe there's one closer to you, I don't know. Or, you could call them and see what they have and whether they'd be willing to ship.) Other than those two places, I have only purchased DY from full-price retailers.
  3. Thank you Larissajay! The closest DY dealer here is in Toronto at Holt's, roughly 2 hours from me. Thank you for naming the eBay seller you have used-I'll keep an eye on her. Thanks again;)
  4. I have also purcased from Jodiwrub. She is fantastic. She sold me a beautiful DY ring that was 100% authentic.
  5. Thank you Shelley:yes:
  6. Neiman Marcus Last Call always seems to have a handful of Yurman pieces 20-30% off.
  7. I've never bought anything off ebay so I can't recommend anyone. I bought my David Yurman pieces at Bailyes, Banks & Biddle. NM sells DY online but not at a discount. I think Saks and/or Bergdorf Goodman might sell DY online too.
  8. I believe Ann's Fabulous Finds is selling a bit of Yurman. She's a member of this board and is the utmost in honest. Actually, I bought an LV wallet from her and can personally speak to what a nice person and authentic she is. Also, I'm about to send you a PM, so stand by.
  9. Thanks Champaign!! I'll get my first DY sometime soon I hope:love: .
  10. ^^ I'm sorry...don't mean to be rude...but there is no selling allowed on this forum unless you've met the criteria set by the forum.
  11. If there is a jeweler near you that sells Yurman, you could try there. Sometimes, you can get a price break on pieces. I got 10-20% off retail on my pieces from my jeweler.
  12. I have bought a lot of authentic Yurman on ebay, I love seller Beckyshop! she is so great and only sells authentic items. She usually has maybe 10 or so pieces listed at a time but always gets new stuff in. Also, the big ebay Yurman sellers such as Blue Koi Designs and Morgan Alexandra Orginals are also really great and have ebay stores with tons of authentic Yurman pieces! Beckshop doesn't have a store, just several listings but she is my favorite ebay seller by far, she has a lot of hard to find and rare Yurman pieces! On ebay when shopping for Yurman, i just make sure the seller has good feedback and if in doubt ask them questions, I have not had a problem with authenticity and I have been buying Yurman on ebay for more then 5 years. Happy Yurman shopping!
  13. Also try ebay seller musicmasterlady. She only has a handful of DY available at a time, but her prices are reasonable and her pieces are authentic. The best part is she also offers a short term "layaway" plan for her more pricey items. GOOD LUCK!