Finding an ink bag?

  1. I know that my ban is up in 2008 (hey I can window shop!) and even though its not far away, I've decided my next bbag will be something ink! I'm still new to the brand and learning (thank you all), so how hard is it to find an ink colored bag? Am I totally out of luck and doomed to hunt via eBay, or will some still pop up in stores?

    Thanks all :flowers:
  2. I'm pretty sure that ink is out of stores by now, but you could always try!

    I found mine preloved, I wish you well in your search! There was one on recently I think; maybe another one will pop up right when you are looking for it! good luck!
  3. Thank you so much! I don't mind preloved, either :smile: (and I love your name, too!)
  4. there's still one on
    it's a city and it looks great - nice wrinkley leather!
  5. ^ Oooh thank you! If its there after the new year then I'll go for it ;)
  6. Are you on a total, total ban? Because RDC will do layaway with the first 30% down, and the remainder paid within 60 days! Not to enable you, but that means that only the first 30% falls into the "ban" period : )

    I wish you well,

  7. I would definately put $$ down on it. I would think an ink bag would go fast but you never know another might pop out. Good luck, its an incredible color, on my wishlist too!
  8. Bridget --

    Thanks for the heads up - I didn't know that! I'll have to check it out... ;)
  9. You're welcome, Ink is such an amazing colour!

    I wish you well,

  10. ^ah, so that's how a layaway works. thanks, Bridget. i was in retail ops for a brief stint and saw my colleagues open layaway invoices and i never got to grasp the concept fully:push: :blush:
  11. I second Bridget. I have an Ink Twiggy that I will never let go off; the color is just amazing and for an '06 bag the leather is yummy. If you find one in good shape for a reasonable price, then go for it. RDC is awesome to work with; I am confident that she will help you work something out. Remember; '08 is not that far away! :smile: