Finding an affordable storage bed

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  1. I just turned one down today that was like new and SOOOOOOO cheap, but it didn't fit the rest of our bedroom and we didn't like the big, wide ledge just to get into bed, but MAN is it hard to find an affordable bed with underbed storage! I've been searching craigslist for MONTHS with only very expensive or butt ugly things showing up. I guess people just are used to bed skirts and sliding things under, but DH hates that it's hard to clean under them (dust traps) and prefers something going to the ground.

    I know Pottery Barn, West Elm, Boconcept (one I turned down today) and others make them, but MINIMALLY you are looking at 2 grand for a king size bed (just the frame). Just seems so expensive! If I were handy, I would just build some myself!

    WHY is it that more bedframes don't have storage?
  2. I've done that, but they are just expensive as the others. We are just redoing so much of our house right now that we can't afford nearly $2000 just to get our bed off the floor and add storage. I priced out a twin storage bed for my son and it was going to cost about $1000. I guess I'm cheap. I've been able to find great very high quality furniture on craigslist and ebay for so cheap, but finding this? Nearly impossible.
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    Check out this site, They have amazing prices, free shipping and no sales tax! The beds are really modern and chic looking. Good luck!

    King sizes only:

    edit: It says free shipping is for "select products" so hopefully you select one that applies! :Push:
  4. Have you looked at Ikea?

    There is the Mandal The biggest size they make is a Queen so I'm not sure if that's ok with you.. but we used to have this bed and the quality was decent and it had plenty of storage. Otherwise the double bed could be an option for your son/s?
  5. Umm, hello. Gothic has storage beds that start at $304 for a king size. All you have to do is move your mattress to the new bed and you're set. Not sure where you're getting the $2k from.

    You might also want to check out St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army and Goodwill.
  6. Yes, the $304 is unfinished. The first that fits our needs (drawers on both sides of the bed and styling is $448). Then you need to finish it - add another $157 to make it $607. Now, add a finished headboard for $180 and then add estimated shipping which is $408 and that total is now $1205.

    Now this is about the cheapest I've seen, this is true, but it's still quite a bit over a grand.