Finding a Violet SGH Day vs. winning the lottery...

  1. ...which has better odds?!

    So I've decided on the Day style for my first Balenciaga. I went to Barney's BH to check out the colors (I spotted a Jaune on eBay, authenticated by the ladies here [thank you!] and wanted to see it IRL). They had a different style (some type of clutch) in Violet with SGH, the color was TDF!! When I asked the SA if they had any more of the Day in Violet with SGH he pretty much laughed in my face :sad: and proceeded to tell me about a wait list that's already miles long and blah blah blah (I swear, sometimes I want to kick those snobby SAs)

    Anyway after doing some research here I now know that Violet color was very popular this season. Am I SOL on this bag? Is it going to become my holy grail, the elusive white whale of bags? Am I going to have to troll eBay and consignment stores like a crazed person? What to do?!

    Any ideas, suggestions, or empathetic thoughts welcomed...
  2. wow, i didn't know it was that popular. i got mine thru AR. i am going to neiman's at newport and will check that for you while i'm there. hope you find it.
  3. Thanks lolaluvsu! :smile: Please do let me know what you find at NM. I'm new to Balenciaga, what is AR?
  4. aloha rag. it's a boutique in hawaii. check out the website. all retailers are located in the subforum: shopping.
  5. Would you consider any other Violet style?
  6. I'm still learning all the Balenciaga styles and colors (current and past) so at this point I'm very open, got any suggestions? I know from previous expensive mistakes that I need a shoulder strap - I love the way handheld bags look but they're too impractical for me - and it seems like most Bbags have the shorter handles....? As for the styles that come with a shoulder strap, the strap hardware seems kinda flimsy :s I also need a decent-sized bag for all my junk so the smaller ones are out. And, I really like the giant hardware.
  7. hmm- sounds like you've zero'd yourself into the Day style

    ahhhhh Violet- yep- a big hit this season! any other colors you like?
  8. I know LE PRINTEMPS in Paris still has them violet was not as popular over here europeans tend to buy the "tamer" colors, you can order via their Personal Shopping, it's quite a hassle depending on who you talk to but worth it if this really is the bag you want. You find their phone/adress in the Balenciaga Shopping section.:tup:
  9. Great tip CATCAT- hopefully she can snag her dream bag soon...
  10. Yes I saw one hanging there in Printemps Paris in October... good luck!
  11. I think you might have a good chance finding one at Neiman Marcus.

    Call the Troy, MI store @ 800 937-6488 ext.2182 Ask for Lisa Hamlin or her assistant Annie. Lisa is wonderful and such a breath of fresh air, she will check the entire NM inventory, if her store doesn't have it, she can have it sent from another. Because she is so great and busier than ever, Annie is her right hand and can/will help you as well.

    Good luck.:flowers:
  12. I saw the bag you are looking for at NEIMANS in Tampa FL over Thanksgiving!! Give them a call, maybe you'll get lucky!!
  13. I saw one in Selfridges Oxford Street London
  14. Thank you ladies for all your suggestions, especially peppers90 - the Tampa NM had it and it's on its way to me! :yahoo:
  15. Congrats!