Finding a qualified personal trainer

  1. Does any know what certification or degree a good personal trainer should have?

  2. ACE, ACSM, NASA, NDEITA just to name a few certifications.

    A degree in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, or Kinesiology, are pluses too.
  3. Yes, and do keep in mind that even all of the certifications in the world don't qualify a good trainer! There are many "certifications" that are simply a mail in questionaire! I always keep an eye out in the gym for the ones that I see promoting proper form and technique with their clients...not just following them around with a clip board!( I've seen some trainers let their clients squat in such a way that I KNEW they'd be in the need for back surgery before too long!) Ask around for referrals and when you find one you think you'll like, who understands your goals and needs, take him for a trail run! If after a few sessions, you don't feel comfortable....move on to the next one!
  4. Preferably the degree, and it's ok to ask how long they've been out of school, and how many clients they've had.

    In the interest of privacy, they may not be 100% up front (I have signed disclosure agreements to the such) but it's always ok to ask and see where they feel comfortable talking. And most will tell you probably more than you wanted to know anyways! :yes:
  5. out of curiosity..... how much does a personal trainer go for?? on average.
  6. REALLY depends.


    * Where you live: country usually less, suburbs higher, city often highest.
    * Gym or private: at the gym is almost always cheaper than in home
    * Trainer qualifications: a degreed trainer should cost more than a cert, but not always
    * Trainer experience: an experienced trainer is often slightly higher
    * Trainer demand: a cutting edge trainer will have less avail, cost more
    * Single visit or package: buy a package for a price break
    * Amenities, or special expertise: more. Say a trainer that helps your swing, your jump shot, or running time.
    * Rehab: special medical focused attention

    Okay, all that later, you can get a trainer for anywhere from $35 - 150, with I'd say about 75% of that falling at about $40 - 75 per session. Less for packages. :jammin:

    That said, they are often an investment in yourself that keeps on giving LONg after you've stopped buying packages. Good luck!!