Finding a past Black First... how hard is it?

  1. Hi gals,
    Thanks to this awesome forum I've been able see a lot of pictures, talk to members (thanks SO much!), and really read up about the wonderfully "basic" Black classique. This is what I've decided: If I get one, I am okay not getting one of the elusive "old" ones with flat brass. And I reeeeally like the leather of 2003-2005. So here's my question: How hard will it be to get my hands on one? Since this knocks out retailers with new bags, I'm more limited than if I was going for a current color/year. Of course, I'm keeping a close watch on Ebay, but do people often sell these since they are so "classic"? Or is this search going to be long and hard? Any input would be great-- thanks!
  2. 2005 black classiques pop on ebay most of the times...:yes:

    for the flat brass and 2003-2004 black classique = I rarely see them on ebay, but they do show up too! you just have to be patient!

    there was recently a black 2004 twiggy w/c a lovely PFer got for $450 on ebay!:love:
  3. ^^^ I KNOW! I'm so happy for her, but man was I jealous!
  4. ^^ you'll have one too TT i am pretty sure about it!!!!:love:
  5. our fellow PFers didn't get the twiggy at last. the seller seems to decide not to sell it to her. there's a thread about this before :crybaby:
  6. ^^ WTF??????? :censor: :rant: omg i need to check the thread out...

    PS: I cant find the thread about the seller backing out..
  7. i'll look up for u... hold on!
  8. ttucker, you can definitely find an 05 first if you look around.

    oohh, i have to read that thread about the seller backing out!
  9. ^^ Thanks! Sorry to have talked your ear off about it ;)

    I was just thinking that in a few weeks I'll be Marketplaza eligible too, so I'll be sure to apply there as well (and try to stop pouting because I want one *now this minute* :hysteric: )
  10. yes, i believe a '05 or '06 first is easier to find that '02 or '01
  11. D! you're still awake like me!!! we're such night owls... LOL:lol:
  12. i'm a crazy owl... LOL
    i always sleep late, especially after world cup season... OMG! i really need to change my sleeping hour :P
    thanks god i'm not working in an office...
  13. I found a gorgeous '03 first with silver hardware just a couple of months ago, they do come up. The leather is amazing!
  14. Really? I thought she downplayed the condition but didn't realize she actually backed out of the sale. Am I missing a post in there somewhere?