Finding a metallic black reissue

  1. I am dissapointed to learn that Chanel in Australia will not be expecting these babies (metallic black reissues).

    Does anyone know where I can track one down? And if they allow overseas shipping? How much will it retail for? Or get myself on a waiting list? I am looking for a 266 or a 227. Im so annoyed that Australia is not getting them just means harder work to track it down. Sorry for all the questions.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Chanel 57th NYC is ordering 10 metallic black 226 reissues and there's only 6 people on the waiting list so you could call them and waitlist yourself.
  3. I would call around and get on wait lists. I'm pretty sure Saks and NM ship internationally... and I know Nordstroms does.
    I think just putting your name on the lists is your best bet. I'm not sure of the price. I think the 227 retails for $2495.
  4. Yes, 227 is $2495. My name is on the list as well! :tup:
  5. sweetsparkle, gators and chanelfans you are the reason why I love this forum! Thank you for your help. I got my name on the wait list ! whooot whoot! Now the waiting game. :wlae:
  6. I'm glad it worked out for you. If you don't mind me asking, which store did you list with? I keep thinking of this bag. I'm waitlisted for the expandable tote, but am changing my mind for this reissue. I think I'll try my SA an NM to see if she is getting this bag.
  7. Gators, I got my name down at Chanel 57th and Saks New york. Both are getting the 227 I think. Though the SA at Saks asked me if I wanted the 226 also?

    Hope that helps.