Finding a "fun" Spy color

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I really want to purchase a Spy Bag. I would like a unusual color (not white, cream, brown or black).

    Are there any sites you know of that have colors.....???

    I really would like a warm color...something in the yellow, orange, red, pink, purple family......

    Any information will be appreciated. THANKS
  2. They do not do spys in these colours really. Their is a red spy but its made out of parka material and their was a Cherry spy like mine, but that has sold out unless you find one on eBay. They do Limited Edition bags which have a lot of different colours on them or their is the new Blueberry which is lovely in leather and also denim. They also do a gold and silver one. Look at this site their is a list of the spy bags but most are past season and sold out but its a brilliant reference. Designer Handbag News and Authentication their are new spys on Saks and Neiman Marcus websites.
  3. I guess I should have said Limited Edition colors. I'll check out that site. THANKS
  4. The most fun spy I've seen is the one like the one Gayle has. The black one with the different color FF's on 'em. I love that bag, it's so whimsical and well, fun! But, you said you don't want black. Hmmm... I've never seen any leather spys in the colors you mention. Like Saich said, there's the cherry one. Unless ya want the bubble jacket spy. I've seen that one in red and green (as well as black, which ya don't want). Stars attached a link to the spy bag list. Check it out n' let us know whatcha think.
  5. Yush!! As my kattykatkittehgrrly says, I have The's a kooky multicolored one, its on that bag list too so you can see :yes: As far as solids tho,, or that awesome stunning green one you can try for. The Wisteria is also fun, the colors are blander but it has those floral frills, it looks fun to flop and diddle them around and stuff and gives the bag an extra added kick! HAAAIII-YAH!
  6. That is a great color resource! A girl can dream right?!?!?

    Neiman only has neutrals and I have too many of those already. I need color.....:yes:
  7. There are: cherry red, gold, & blue on eBay - search under Fendi Spy. Those three look good.
  8. I think the bronze/tuqouise hologram (fortuny) spy is fun, yet stylish and elegant.. it's a great combination. I love it.. the gold/silver spy is also fun. it's not bright gold... it's very unique and looks very good irl.
  9. yep Smalinee, you're right this one is beautiful.