Finding a Courier?

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  1. I only need one more BBag - and then I will be happy!! (ha ha) :tup:

    I'm trying to find a Courier - I love this style and it looks so slouchy, chic and carefree. I'd like one in dark gray or dark blue, like Anthra, Plomb, or Ink.

    How limited is this style? Is it only available in-store? I've seen one or two pop up on *Bay before, but not in the colors I'd like.

    Any ideas? I'm relatively new to Balenciaga so thought I'd ask you experts! :yes:
  2. For some reason the courier is hard to find. You just have to call around the different stores and ask. Sorry I am not much of a help.
  3. I think it's discontinued, no? If it is evilbay is your best bet.

    Good luck!
  4. i've been searching for one in a pop colour for ages :sad: no luck until now...
    on the hunt for an amethyst! :smile:
  5. The courier isn't discontinued, just not as many places are carrying it (which may not be a good sign for it sticking around). Barneys had some old stock. Be sure to ask for the dimensions as some of theirs are the larger (extra)courier. Have you tried hgbags? She carries them, if they're not all spoken for but I don't know what colors are available. Here's the link to her ebay store (I hope this is okay, mods?)
    You can send her a message through ebay and ask if she has any or is expecting any. Good Luck!
  6. Gretta Luxe always orders couriers, just not a lot of them. I know at some point they had anthra, black cherry/crimson, maybe argent, too. I got so accustomed to BALNY not ordering them that I haven't asked lately whether they are ordering from the current collection. They seem to have finally sold off their 2006 stock, so maybe?
  7. Also, I did hear the courier will still be made for spring 2009, FWIW.
  8. Wow - thanks for all of the help, everyone! I like the size of the extra courier. I'll definitely check out the avenues you recommended! thanks a lot! :tup:
  9. i know hgbags had a charbon courier but it might be gone now..i am not partial to browns but this one looked gorgeous and yummy!

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  10. Ahem Tofu, that's a day you posted there. ;)
  11. DOH! sorry hahahhaha i knew i picked the wrong pics!
    anyway..i was just talking about the leather LOL!