Finding a builder- anyone built a home recently?

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  1. My husband and I just finalized our plans for our home, and have been looking for a builder. Anyone have any suggestions on questions to ask, things to be sure we get in writing, etc. I also wanted to know what kind of questions I should ask their references?

    I have heard so many horror stories and just want to make sure I've covered as many bases as I can!
  2. We're in the same boat- sorta. Haven't decided for sure if we're moving to a certain city or not. McNair builders have a good rep- if they build in your area you should check them out.

    I'm sure you already have done this, but do a simple web search for consumer reports/complaints about the builder. You'll get a good ballpark figure on their quality of work, speed, efficiency, etc.:tup:
  3. Thanks... I have looked up BBB and one of the builder had no complaints in 3 years and the another isn't listed... the problem with the State of OKlahoma is they do not require you to have a license to build so there are a million to chose from! I've contacted the local building associations and they have confirmed their participation in these associations.. which will set them apart from just any builder.. I got some references from the builders, just not sure what to ask them....I have a few questions in mind...
  4. By a "builder," do you mean a contractor? Just curious because I've never heard that term before!
  5. I guess you would call it that.. they call them builders here... but I have also heard the term contractor also... If we were actually building the home ourselves in our name.. then we would hire the framer , electrician etc. as the contractors.

    But we have land that we are building a hoem on and we are hiring a builder to build our home.. the builder actually sets up all of the sub contractors, framers, electricians etc. for you and manages the building process for you. You can either have the construction loan in your name or they can apply for it...
  6. We're also in the same boat! LOL, we are still saving for a home but we have already been looking at different contractors / builders in the area.

    I think one of the easiest things to do is to consult those in the area that you'd like to live in and ask if they built their homes or if they know who built them so that you can contact that contractor. I'd also consult with a lawyer before making a final decision to make sure that you are protected in case anything happens.

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the name of the forum I read here, but it's on iVillage and is pretty popular...There are a lot of people there who know what they are talking about and will look at your plans and give you an independent opinion on what needs to be changed, etc ;)
  7. Thanks Sternchen! Congrats on the pregnancy btw!
  8. There are sooo many message boards there.. is it the remolding/renivating one? I couldn't find one that was specific to building a new home...

  9. This is the one I read:

    Mods, I appologize 23847328904723047238048237023470 times if this isn't allowed!!! :yes:

    It's not nearly as well organized as tPF, but the people there are very nice and have some great tips! I love going there and looking at different designs and ideas!
  10. Thanks!
  11. Welcome!

    Sending you some babydust too!!!!!
  12. THANK YOU!

    Testing next week.. 3rd month trying.. we'll see!

  13. I built a while back.BUT what we did was go to all the builders developments and look at houses and talk to the owners there.Word of mouth and referrals are KEY to finding a good builder.We were in love with one builder but saw his houses look like crap after only one year had gone we learned alot by visiting their developments and talking to owners.
    We actually chose a smaller lesser known builder.....13 years later..I havent had one issue with my house..thank goodness!!!and I love my house to this day!
    visit model homes and visit the builders older developments if he has any- to see how his construction has help up and if the owners are happy
  14. can't offer any help, I know nothing about this. but my parents built the house we live in now and it was pretty stressful for them but we all love our home. So it's worth it, to live comfortably in a home you love. best wishes!! I hope you enjoy your home when it is finished. :heart:
  15. I LOVE Perry Homes. Great quality.