Find your twin!

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  1. Let's switch it up a bit for a new thread. We need a little something different in our subforum.

    Thought it would be a fun game to find our twins or multiples. It would go like this...

    I say I own a 28 retourne black box Kelly with gold hw. If you own it, chime in and say you do. Then, you say a bag or any Hermes item you own and someone out there will come forward with ownership. OK...let's see how this plays out for a Monday.

    ***List one item at a time because this is going to get crazy and it will also allow this thread to keep rolling (I***

    28 black box retourne Kelly with gold hw!

    (where's my twin???)
  2. 32 gold Togo retourne Kelly

    31 Barenia/Toile Trim

    PM2 Evelyne Ebene Clemence
  3. Wow! Fun thread KB!

    I'm not your twin though. :P

    30 cm turquoise birkin in chevre with gold hardware.

    35cm fuschia ostrich birkin with palladium hardware

    25 cm fuschia lizard kelly
  4. I own a violet poro croc 30cm birkin with palladium hardware... Where's my twin
  5. Kellybag, I am your twin!!!!:yes::flowers: (I am so honored!)

    Me...I am going to choose a bag that someone on tpf is sure to have:

    28 gold Togo retourne Kelly with gold hw!
  6. ^^^ A couple more, to make it even easier:

    32 orange Togo retourne Kelly with palladium HW

    black Evercalf Kelly Pochette with palladium HW
  7. Ding, ding, ding, I'm your twin Kallie Girl!!! :yahoo:

    Does it have to be bags only? I only have one for now. :sad:
  8. I knew you had class Tamarind! Loves ya!!!
  9. Don't you just love that bag Kellybag? When I first got her I wore her everyday. Now I rotate more but I still take her out whenever I want to feel special OR when I need to send a "Don't mess with me" message...
  10. I love that 28 it! It was my first and it is dear. I use it day or night when my outfit permits. It is a really stunning little number!:love:
  11. How fun!!!! Can't wait until I see my twin!!!!
  12. Anyone own...they are looking for their twins:

    32 orange togo retourne palladium hw
    Black Evercalf pochette palladium
    31 Barenia/Toile Trim
    PM2 Evelyne Ebene Clemence
    30 turquoise birkin chevre gold hw
    35 fuschia ostrich palladium hw
    25 fuschia lizard kelly
    30 violet poro croc with palladium hw
  13. This is really fun...but no matches for me yet!
  14. How about:

    Kelly 32 - gold - retourne - vache Liegee - g/w

    Birkin 35 - black - togo - pallidium
  15. 35 cm Birkin Barenia Natural with Brushed Palladium Hardware
    37 cm Bolide Ardennes Noir
    35 cm Birkin Black Box with GW
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.