Find this Bag

  1. Hi

    First post after my intro....:p

    I have a teeny question. How reliable have you all found the 'find at a coach store' search that is on the website? I live in the Twin Cities with several coach stores and nothing I look for comes up. Are they just sold out at the store or is the Pond too new? I want a Legacy shoulder in whiskey or pond.
  2. You best bet is to call the Coach stores around your area & see if they have it in stock. If so ask them to put it on hold for you (they can hold for 48 hours). Good luck!

    ETA: I don't think the pond is available is stores yet but you can always order it on line or call the store & have the ship it to you.
  3. the pond stuff is only available to order online right now...not in stores yet.