Find sex offenders in your area...great tool!

  1. Eeek! It's a little creepy.. thankfully no faces I recognize!
  2. yeah I saw that on Oprah!!!
  3. I found a creep that is living less than half a mile from my home.I hope I never have to deal with this guy or anyone like him.He was charged with attempted rape & sodomy - November 24, 2003 - VA
  4. I wonder if they have a Canadian version of this!
  5. Thank you for posting. It's very important to know what kinda freaks there are out there.
  6. Eek. There were two known sex offenders within half a mile of my high school. Fortunetly, there were none within a few miles of any of the elementary schools.
  7. oo wow! Nice to know!! Thanks
  8. There are 128 in Rock Hill SC alone! And 6 of them are near my University :s
  9. Yikes...125 in my area!!!!!
  10. 517 offenders, 251 non-mappable offenders!!! WTH?! :cursing:
  11. wow thanks! it's a scary world that we live in... good to know just how scary.
  12. Geez thanks for the site, I don't recognize anyone though, thank goodness.
  13. creepy, there's a rapist freakin' 5 blocks from my house!
  14. wow, thats a great site.. thankfully no one around me!