Find out what celebrity you resemble, FUN :)

  1. Hope this hasn't been posted before, couldn't find a thread.

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    Go to MyHeritage - Family 2.0 and Genealogy
    Go to Face recognition, upload a photograph of yourself & it will tell you what celebrities you resemble (pick your gender)

    I got:

    Sophia Lauren
    Ava gardner
    Angela Basset
    Tia Carrere

    so it's all good :yahoo:
  2. I am too afraid too do this.
  3. i did this ages ago.. i got something like elisha cuthbert, meg ryan, sophie marceau, courteney cox and johnny depp :roflmfao: there were more but i remember these :lol:
  4. ROFL! :heart:

    I tried two pics.

    I got Grace Kelly and Janice Dickinson as my top two for one pic.
    I got Jessica Alba and Natalie Glebova for my second pic.
    People say I look like Nicole Kidman, and she didn't come up at all! :shrugs: But I'll take Grace Kelly and Jessica Alba!!! :yahoo:
  5. I got
    Hayden Panettiere
    Bridgitte Bardot
    Rachel Bilson
    Debra Messing

    Some very different looking people there. :smile:

    I did another photo and got Reese Witherspoon, thats only because we both have pointy chins.
  6. is this computerized?
    i cant do it because i have safari...
  7. LOL! I got:

    Katie Holmes
    Lara Flynn Boyle
    Nicole Linkletter (?)
    Bryce Howard (?)
    Tata Young (?)
    Jane Fonda
    Janeane Garafalo
    Condi Rice
  8. I got Amy Lee and Rachel Weisz.
  9. I got Namie Amuro on the 1st picture and for the 2nd picture, I got Boa. I think it has to do with the hairstyle ...
    I wish I really do look like that in real life. ^^
  10. Oh rats! I can't play because I use Safari! :sad:
  11. i've done this before... but even though i don't see any resemblance at all, i like these results... i may have to try with other photos, and see what other matches i get.

    - Kristin Kreuk
    - Gillian Chung
    - Gabrielle Union
    - Romy Schneider
    - Yukie Nakama
    - Sofia Coppola
    - Kyoko Fukada
    - Sammi Cheng

  12. I've done this before, I got some weird results.
  13. My main 'match' was Kim Cattrell.:s
  14. WoW! I'm gorgeous ha ha... I got
    Josie Maran
    Aishwariya Rai?
    Elena Paparizoui?
    Salma Hayek
    Eliza Dushku
    Estella Warren
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