Find out Number of SNAD/INR


Now a Mrs.
Jan 13, 2010
I've always wondered if you can find out the number of disputes and claims a seller/buyer has had.

I guess as a buyer I would want to avoid sellers that have lots of INR and SNAD cases.

If I was a seller, I would want to avoid buyers who have opened a lot of SNAD cases.

If it is possible to find out the number of disputes and claims. Would we be able to distinguish what was INR and SNAD. It would really suck for a buyer to get pinged for a bunch of INRs.


Oct 5, 2009
South Texas
I don't think it's possible, unfortunately. This is something I really struggle with, because I have *often* had issues with sellers on Ebay, but if they work it out with me, I don't leave negative or neutral. That may not save the next buyer from a disappointing experience though.

As a seller, I've had over 1000 transactions, and have never had a SNAD opened against me. I've had 1 buyer claim they never received the package and open a dispute. I've given a partial refund to a buyer who complained about an item, but did not file. I've voluntarily offered refunds (or to cancel a transaction) in the couple of instances where I've been packing an item for shipment and noticed a flaw. So... so far, so good.

As a buyer, I've purchased hundreds of items on Ebay. When it comes to clothing from mass sellers, I've had probably about a 25% SNAD rate, but I certainly did not file all of those, mostly just contact the seller and work it out amicably. On handbags, I've probably received 1 out of every 10 that is SNAD in some way or other. Most of the time this can be worked out with the seller, often in perfectly fine ways. I've only had to leave a couple negatives for people who were just stubborn and/or dishonest. I've filed 1 SNAD and won.