Find me Med. Whiskey or Choco Edith!!!!!

  1. Now I saw a couple of pics of PF members with their Edith, I want one for myself!! I have Whiskey Paddy, so Whiskey Edith might be too similar of a color?? I like Whiskey, Choco, or Light Tan!!!!!

    Does anyone know who has Med. Edith in stock???? :love:
  2. The whiskey Edith is quite a bit darker than the whiskey Paddy. You wouldn't regret it.

    If you find two, please let ME know!
  3. If you're desparate enough to do eBay, leshent has a gorgeous whiskey up right now! I do like the idea of seeing before buying which you can kinda do with eBay. And they cycle around on NM online - I just sent one back that was disappointing so don't jump on the first one you see in about 2 weeks!
  4. What disappoint you?? Large Edith I offered(Light Tan), leather was gourgeous. It just didn't look right, because of the size....Sigh, I guess I'll try to call NM and Nordstrom tomorrow.......
  5. Call Lisa at NM! I ordered my Whiskey Edith from her, which I returned, so I am sure she can get one for you!
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  7. Wintoty is from the same city as me, and also knows Lisa from NM in Troy, MI (she just posted in the thread about the Sky blue paddy about how much she loves Lisa)- so she's covered. But I am happy to post it again for everyone else if you like?

    ADD: Here you go: Lisa at NM in Troy Michigan: (248) 635-8442
  8. :shame: Oh, apologies then! Didn't realize you lived in the same city. :shame:
  9. Don't be silly! How would you have known! You were just looking out for another PF Member! :biggrin:
  10. wintotty - I got one from NM online that didn't have many wrinkles so I wasn't happy with it - fortunately I snagged another online that turned out great. You might want to tell your SA what features are important to you before they ship you one.
  11. In my awful PMS state too! :biggrin:
  12. LOL!!! YOu are too funny!!! :lol::lol::lol:
  13. Yeah, Jag! Lisa where? Who Lisa?? LOL, j/k! Couldn't help having a go;)) I did notice the other thread where u guys posted about being practically neighbours. I think that's so cool! I know of some ppl in the same state as me who are members here so perhaps a PF meeting for Melbourne girls would not be too far fetched an idea for the near future:smile:
  14. wintotty- i will keep you posted if i here anything.
  15. I love you Serenity Sue! You always put a smile on my face, and make by LMAO!