Find le sportsac online?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find these bags online other than on their official site? Thanks!
  2. Try Urban Outfitters website, they have Le Sportsac bags but very limited choices. Another one is the Satchel Shop.

    Satchel Shop - Tumi

  3. I've seen them at a few places online, but you just won't find the deep selection they have at their own site.
  4. Same here..I'd been looking for a few of the different prints and could never find them. Their listings of places down here that carry the bags are VERY off..virtually none of the ones here have ANYthing anymore unless it's just the plain colored ones.
  5. Macy's perhaps? I'm not sure about their website though.
  6. Yeah Macy's was one of the ones listed in my area too..the selection was horrible, and the Macy's here is really nice, too.
    The site never really had anything, unfortunately.
    Maybe someone can search it on google or dogpile.