Find Black Square Vintage Ligne Box/Bowler???

  1. Anyone seen a Black Square Vintage Ligne Box? It is the small bowler-style bag in the Vintage Ligne. Black quilted leather with silver chain brided through leather handles and silver CC logos on each end of the bag. Thanks!
  2. eBay I think....not in stores unless hidden in the back! Good luck....

  3. I love the bag you are looking for. It sounds like the lady braid. They will be coming out again in black, gray, and blue (Act 2).
  4. Hi,
    Do you know when the lady braid will be coming?
  5. If this is the bag that she is looking for according to Damien (DJO) it should arrive between August - November. HTH
  6. Vhdos,
    The vintage ligne square box is the exact bag from my wish list that I have been looking for too, when I first spotted it, Bond Street had it in brown suede and I passed up on it as I wanted the black leather instead.
    I hope you find it too.
  7. The SA told me early August for the lady braid in gray although I know the OP is looking for a different bag.
  8. They pop up on eBay from time to time.
    It's similar to the Lady Braid, but definately not the same bag.